Summer 2022 Employee Appreciation

How To Request Your Time Off

All eligible employees, salaried and hourly, should use Workday to record the specific days/hours used.  Use the Request Time Off action (as you would for Vacation and HAP time off) and then select either Summer Employee Appreciation Time Off (Days) or Summer Employee Appreciation Time Off (Hours), accordingly. 

All eligible employees have a balance of three full days (based on standard hours) for use. Record half day, full day, or partial day (condensed workweek) increments according to the guidelines provided by your college/unit.  

See FAQs below

Dear Colleagues,

On behalf of the entire leadership team, we extend our gratitude for the outstanding work and dedication of our faculty and staff amid a time of continued stress and strain. As summer approaches, we urge employees to take time to unplug, rest and recharge. Please prioritize yourselves and enjoy vacation time with family and friends. You have earned a break.

We are pleased to announce a special Summer of 2022 Employee Appreciation: All benefits-eligible faculty and staff can enjoy a half-day schedule on Fridays, from June 20 through July 29. (We know some work must continue on Friday afternoons. In those situations, colleges and units will work with employees to take equivalent time off between June 20-July 29.)

We urge all supervisors to model our commitment to work-life balance. Managers are encouraged to support their teams with uninterrupted vacation and personal time. Email, instant messages, Zoom invitations and meetings can and should wait for employees’ return to work.

Another positive step we all can take is to rethink after hours email, texts and calls for non-urgent matters. Please reconsider after hours expectations. Drafting an email, then waiting to send until the next business day, will go a long way to demonstrating respect for staff members’ personal time.

Finally, we ask everyone to reconsider summer meetings. We know that some units are considering “no meeting Fridays.” We love this idea and encourage employees to share other creative suggestions with their dean, vice president, vice provost or manager. 

Resources for employee well-being can be found on the Working at Cornell website, and we urge all faculty and staff to unplug and disconnect whenever possible and prioritize rest and relaxation for yourselves and your families.

With gratitude for all you do for Cornell,

Martha E. Pollack

Mike Kotlikoff

Mary Opperman
Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer



My college or unit has requested that employees use the time outside of the June 20 through July 29 timeframe due to seasonal business needs -- how long will we have to use the time?

Please follow the guidelines provided by your local college or unit. Employees will be able to record time using the Summer Employee Appreciation Time Off through December 31, 2022.

What happens if I am on a leave of absence for one of the scheduled half days -- how should I record the time?

If an employee has an approved half-day supplement already recorded in Workday to support a leave (such as short-term disability), they may use the Summer Employee Appreciation Time Off in place of their Vacation or HAP supplement time.  To make this change, correct your time off to remove it, and then request the Summer Employee Appreciation time off for the designated day.  See How to Correct Time Off for further guidance.

Note: If an employee is supplementing NYPFL time, due to the partial day increments (.33), the Summer Employee Appreciation Time Off cannot be used in place of vacation or HAP time.

I've already scheduled vacation on one of the half days -- does the benefit still apply?

If an employee has already submitted time off for a vacation or HAP Day, they can use the Summer Employee Appreciation Time Off in place of their Vacation or HAP time.  To make this change,  correct your time off to a half day and then request the Summer Employee Appreciation Time Off for the other half of the day.   See How to Correct Time Off for further guidance.


For general questions and guidance, please reach out to your local HR representative.  

For help on how to record the Summer Appreciation Time Off in Workday, please feel free to contact the HR Service Center at