Rob Van Brunt | Recipient of the 2016 Management Excellence Award

Van Brunt, right, with Interim President Hunter R. Rawlings III

Rob has been the Administrative Manager for the Department of Romance Studies for the past 3 years., and has been a Cornell employee for 12 years.  During his time here, the changes he's made to improve productivity, efficiency, and resources at Cornell have won him the 2016 Management Excellence Award.

One colleague highlighted that, “Rob has consistently made hiring decisions that have brought Romance Studies to a much improved level of efficiency and productivity. He has brought in the best people possible and has given them the space, the support, and the resources to perform at a very high level.”

Rob pays attention to lecturers who are applying for supplemental professional development funds. He always considers the big picture, by listening to the lecturers' reasonings while also balancing the needs of the whole group rather than just the individual request.

Rob also provided coordination and leadership for meetings among faculty that enhanced communication, leading to better governance within his department.

When nominated for this award, Rob's colleague said: “If anyone deserves this award, it would be Rob. He has proven over and over that a respected leader is someone who respects others in return and shows them fairness and kindness; all the while helping them to better themselves and everyone around them.”

Rob serves as a model for all of us at all levels, as a gracious, humble and caring man, exceptional in the work he does and elicits from others.

We at Cornell are grateful to have your leadership and commitment to improvement! Congratulations, Rob!