Management Academy

Cornell provides the following development programs for those in supervisory and management roles.

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Management Academy Curriculum

The curriculum addresses nine competencies and two levels, Applied and Mastery. Each level includes both core and elective courses. Supervisors may take courses individually, or pursue Management Academy certificates at the Applied and Mastery levels.

Skills addressed by the program include:

The purpose of the curriculum is to further develop the skills of current managers in:

  • Managing the effective business and administrative operations of a relatively mid-sized department covering one or more functional areas or employees with a single area of expertise.
  • Assisting with developing organizational operating policies and procedures and monitoring for compliance.
  • Estimating human resource needs, recommending candidates for employment, and directing the work of departmental staff to meet deadlines.
  • Managing conflict, projects, initiating new activities in support of goals, and promoting change initiatives and recognizing and utilizing the skills of others.
  • Serving as liaison between other departments and representing the unit and/or the department.
  • Building networks across the university.

More Information

For additional information, please click on the courses above or contact Jim Sheridan at 254-1360 or Jennifer Fonseca at 254-1635.