Turning Point

Turning Point is a five-day leadership program for front-line staff designed to:

  • Increase self-awareness of personal leadership style, attitude, skills, and behavioral impact on others;
  • Improve communication and relationship-building skills for inspiring, engaging and motivating others;
  • Design an individualized learning plan that makes a difference to the individual and organization;
  • Build campus-wide networks and increase partnership, collaboration, and alignment with Cornell’s mission.

The professional development guide provides a snapshot of the programs and courses offered and describes their alignment to the Cornell Skills for Success.  

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Questions? Contact Deb Billups at 254-1176 or Jim Sheridan at 254-1360.


Turning Point Curriculum

Day One: “Initiative” What do I expect of the university and what does the university expect of me?

  • Share purpose of Turning Point
  • Share university big picture through the eyes of university senior leadership
  • Link purpose of Turning Point to the university mission, stakeholder alignment, and performance
  • Share university expectations around culture, values, and performance
  • Establish ground rules, confidentiality, and challenge by choice
  • Getting acquainted: establish individual and group identity with perceptions, impact versus intent, “Whattaya Know,” and the “Step Ladder of Group Dynamics”
  • Examine impact you have on group dynamics through experiential activities

Day Two: “Who Am I?” – Discovering Yourself

  • Understand your personal style and its impact on others (Leadership Wheel)
  • Team exercise to discover self in team and participate and lead given the team dynamics
  • Increase self-awareness through Johari Window and Lifeline
  • 360-degree personal staff skills assessment and review
  • Understand your personal values and how they align with the university’s goals

Day Three: “Who Are You?” – Developing Interpersonal Skills

  • Values – what is the importance of demonstrating them and how to best align your values with Cornell’s
  • Introduction of the Skills for Success and your role in managing your performance
  • Trust and You – Building trust in relationships
  • Paying It Forward – What it means to you, others, and Cornell
  • Listening as a key tool for honoring others and building respect and civility

Day Four:  “Who are We?”

  • Constructive feedback skills towards the development of integrity and stewardship
  • Resolving contentious conflict and handling emotions towards better teamwork and collegiality
  • Cornell’s quest for excellence through continuous improvement and our understanding of how and when to apply metrics

Day Five: Application “What, So What, Now What?”

  • Experiencing change and learning about responses to change
  • Learning to proactively navigate change
  • Understanding the power of generosity to oneself and those around us – a longitudinal self-discovery process where participants identify personal and professional goals
  • Understanding accountability as a result of our decisions and performance efforts
  • Courage . . . to use the skills learned in our real worlds
  • Re-Cap what has been learned and understanding expectations
  • Personal application – Development of an Individual Development Plan (IDP)
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