Building Teams and Leading Change

The four-day Building Teams and Leading Change (BTLC) is the second session of the nine-day leadership program for individuals who are in supervisory or manager roles that require them to direct, manage, or lead others. Participation in the Harold D. Craft Leadership Program (HDCLP)  is a prerequisite for this program.

The professional development guide provides a snapshot of the programs and courses offered and describes their alignment to the Cornell Skills for Success.  

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In BTLC participants begin to explore how to look at teams and how to develop teams in a way that promotes learning, growth, trust, and respect. Building Teams and Leading Change addresses the growing challenges presented to leaders in the rapidly changing world of higher education. Through well-designed and proven approaches to leading change, participants explore what it means to lead change and work on actual change situations, designing plans for leading change. By the end of this session, participants will:

  • Have, and be able to use, tools to harness and leverage the diversity and dynamics of groups and teams.
  • Gain awareness of, and comfort with, personal impact and style in leading and facilitating groups.
  • Be able to effectively manage meeting agendas and objectives.
  • Be able to build a team from the ground up, and diagnose and intervene on team dynamics.
  • Continue creating an individual development plan that will be put into action upon return to work.
  • Understand, and be able to manage, the dynamics that are present in any change - personal/individual or organizational.
  • Plan a change leadership strategy for a real change.
  • Gain tools and resources to deal with personal/individual change and organizational change.


  • Prior attendance at HDCLP.
  • A commitment to attend 100 percent of all days of the workshop.
  • There is a $450 charge to cover the cost of providing this program including food, refreshments, space rental, and materials.

For further information regarding this program, contact Deb Billups ( at 607-254-1176