Effectiveness Programs

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

An intensive, three-day workshop based on the principals found in Stephen R. Covey's best-selling business book. The 7 Habits program is a dynamic training experience to increase both personal and professional effectiveness. During this workshop you'll experience interactive exercises, case studies, and poignant video segments. This workshop is designed for anyone looking to become a more effective person.

Communication Certificate Program

The objective of the certificate program is to provide participants with a baseline competency in today’s most critical workplace skill—communication. This comprehensive program will include training on all types and aspects of communication to express oneself professionally by focusing on the three primary competencies of effective communication—interpersonal skills, written communication, and informal oral presentation. This program meets 2.5 hours weekly for 13 weeks.

Time Management Workshop

Getting the most out of every hour in a day is a constant challenge in our busy work world. This value packed training program explains the fundamentals of time management, understanding the value of linking time use to goals, proven ways to get the most out of a day, techniques for eliminating time wasters, and how to take back control of your time.  This program runs for 3 hours.

Crucial Accountability

This two-day course that that teaches a step-by-step process for enhancing accountability, improving performance, and ensuring execution.  Every individual, team, or organization faces disappointment. A coworker misses a deadline, a boss fails to live up to an expectation, or a direct report just plain behaves badly. People make promises and break them—and bad things happen. Whether you're preventing problems or managing a crisis, move your team or department to the next level with this revolutionary yet simple approach.  Register

A Road Map to Success

Four Steps to Effective Feedback: In this two-day interactive workshop, learn how to navigate challenging conversations by practicing a four-step communication model that transforms critical communication barriers into opportunities for clarity, collaboration, understanding and respect. Learn how to resolve immediate impasses while strengthening work relations.  Register

Connecting across Differences: How to Communicate with Anyone, at Anytime, Anywhere

Based on the popular book, this highly-interactive and practical workshop teaches you four key distinctions that you can practice in any conversation to greatly enhance your ability to hear what matters most to others while also ensuring that you are fully heard.  Register

Franklin Covey’s 5 Choices to Extraordinary Productivity

The barrage of information coming at us from multiple sources, coupled with the demands of our careers, are overwhelming and distracting. The sheer volume of information threatens our ability to think clearly and make wise decisions about what’s important. If we react to these stimuli without clear discernment, we fail to accomplish the goals that matter most in our professional and personal lives. This two-day course will inspires participants to apply a process that will dramatically increase their ability to achieve life’s most important outcomes. Supported by science and years of experience, this solution not only produces a measurable increase in productivity, but also provides a renewed sense of engagement and accomplishment. 

Franklin Covey’s Leading at the Speed of Trust

This is a two-day highly interactive workshop that engages leaders at all levels in the real work of identifying and closing the trust gaps that exist in your organization. Instead of paying outrageous “Trust Taxes,” your organization can begin to realize “Trust Dividends.” Doing business at the “speed of trust” dramatically lowers costs, speeds up results, and increases profits and influence.

Franklin Covey’s Presentation Advantage

In this two-day workshop, you will close the presentation-competency gap across your organization. Executives, managers, and staff alike will strengthen presentation performance, empowering them to motivate teams, close deals, and improve results.  Imagine an organization where employees have gained strong, persuasive presentation skills that could elevate their credibility and your organization’s success.  Participants will learn how to: identify the presentation objectives, audience needs, and expectations; use the Presentation Planner tool; utilize powerful communication and persuasion strategies, even in the face of fear; use the Visual Advantage guidebook, learning how to use visuals effectively; participate in team presentation; and, practice to perfection, prepare effective presentation notes, and handle questions. 

Franklin Covey’s Project Management Essentials for the Unofficial Project Manager

This two-day workshop will provide the mind-set, skill set, and toolset that will consistently deliver successful projects to completion. It will help participants consistently complete projects successfully by teaching them to implement a disciplined process to execute projects and to master informal authority.  Project management isn’t just about managing logistics and hoping the project team is ready to play to win. The skills of “informal authority” are more important than ever before, so team members are inspired to contribute to the project's success!

Your Top 5 - An Exploration of Strengths

In this full day workshop participants will: Become aware of their top 5 Strengths; Develop a deeper understanding of at least 2 of their Strengths; Begin to identify at least 3 Strengths other than their own; Develop an appreciation of a Strengths-focused approach in life and work; Develop a strategy for using Strengths effectively.