Leading Cornell

This capstone program is a multi-day leadership program designed to engage and develop staff who have potential for advancing to key leadership positions. What distinguishes Leading Cornell from our other leadership programs such as the Harold D. Craft Leadership Program is its emphasis on the application of leadership concepts and methodologies to a real project sponsored by senior leadership, the dialogue between participants and senior leaders, and the accountability for producing measurable results.

Participants will work on projects that are important to the university while at the same time developing practical leadership and management experiences, with the goal of preparing participants to fill key positions as openings occur.

The professional development guide provides a snapshot of the programs and courses offered and describes their alignment to the Cornell Skills for Success.  

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Questions? Please contact Kathy Burkgren at 255-7867, or Jim Sheridan at 254-1360.

Key program highlights include:

  • Presentations and interaction with senior university leaders to more deeply understand the impact that challenges and opportunities within the world and higher education have on leadership;
  • Applied learning sessions on team building, project management, performance management, and organizational development (planned change);
  • Participation on a project team sponsored by senior administration;
  • An evaluation of the leadership experience and project results;
  • Presentation of team project deliverables to Cornell University senior leaders.

This program is offered at no direct cost to participants who are nominated to attend.

Nomination Process

There are 25 spots in the Leading Cornell program. Candidates are nominated by Deans and Vice Presidents in partnership with College Officers and HR Directors/Generalists.

Things to Consider:

  • Leadership and management qualifications that suggest this candidate has senior leadership potential
  • Significant accomplishments of this candidate
  • How you see this candidate contributing in the future

Nomination Prerequisites:

  • Band level: G, H, or I, and a high performer with senior leadership potential
  • Employed by Cornell for at least one year (so nominee is settled in role/has a basic understanding of how the university operates)