Developing Facilitation Skills

Leading in complex organizations requires leaders to not only be skilled communicators, but also skilled facilitators. Cornell’s facilitation training is designed to interactively teach participants effective facilitation skills for chairing meetings; leading department, organization, and university project teams; and facilitating workshops and training programs. The goal is to increase the effectiveness of teams, meetings, workshops, and programs by increasing the quality of facilitation.

The professional development guide provides a snapshot of the programs and courses offered and describes their alignment to the Cornell Skills for Success.  

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Participation criteria includes:

  • Prior attendance at the Harold D. Craft Leadership Program (CULDP), Turning Point, or the Employee Leadership Program (ELP).
  • A commitment to attend 100 percent of all four days of the workshop.
  • A desire to serve others with effective facilitation skills.
  • An expectation that the participant will lead or facilitate meetings, groups, or project/work teams as part of their roles.
  • Opportunities to use these skills in their departments, divisions, organizations, and colleges.
  • A level of professional maturity, self-awareness, self-confidence, and social awareness to be able to communicate and interact well with a group.

There is a $700 charge to cover the cost of providing this program, including food, refreshments, space rental, one-day at the Hoffman Challenge Course, instruments, and materials.

For additional information, contact Jennifer Fonseca at 254-1635.