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Salary Structure

Subject: Wages and Salaries
Number: 6.7.3
Issued: 3/1/82
Revised: 6/30/98


The salary structure provides an equitable, competitive, and consistent basis for paying staff. The salary structure is a logical and ordered framework that combines the internal job relationships developed through the job evaluation process with the internal and external prevailing market conditions as reflected by the market salary analysis.

The regular staff salary structure consists of nine bands. The first three bands, A, B, and C, encompass nonexempt jobs; the next two bands, D and E, encompass both nonexempt and exempt; and the last four bands, F, G, H, and I, encompass exempt jobs.

The particular band's minimum is the lowest annualized salary that shall be paid to an employee occupying a position assigned to a university job title in that band.