Participate in Cornell Wellness Days!

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Cornell employees are encouraged to participate in the Wellness Days scheduled for March 9, March 10, April 23, and April 26. 

Ideas and suggestions for ways to participate are outlined below. Please remember that self-care is an important everyday practice and can be integrated in both small and more substantive ways.

The university is open on these dates and there are departments that must maintain staffing. Given the diverse roles and work of departments, a variety of ideas are offered below.

Join us on Social Media:  Share your wellbeing experiences with hashtag #cornellwellbeing on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Or email your photos and stories. 


Ideas for Employees

  • During the workday:
    • Thank or recognize a colleague using the Cornell Appreciation Portal
    • Review your calendar and:
      • Plan/request occasional time off (half days, full days, long weekends, etc.) and longer (stay)cations to occur between now and fall
      • When long blocks of back-to-back meetings are scheduled, propose slight adjustments where feasible to have small breaks in between
    • During mealtime or breaks:
    • Learn about Zoom fatigue and practice tips and tricks for reducing it
    • Request a free ergonomic evaluation of your workspace


  • Speak to your supervisor about taking time away from work using Vacation or Health and Personal (HAP) time during one or more of these days.
  • Check out a book or movie through your local library and/or request a free membership with the New York Public Library (which offers extensive e-books, classes, and other resources to all NYS residents).


Ideas for Teams & Departments

  • Where staffing concerns exist, speak as a team about rotating time off on the Cornell Wellness Days or scheduling time off to occur on other days.
  • Agree to low (or no) meeting days by rescheduling non-critical meetings to encourage time off, participation in wellness activities, or give employees uninterrupted project time.
  • Promote various wellness/wellbeing activities detailed on this page or encourage team members to share their favorite wellbeing activities, recipes, etc. with each other.
  • Arrange an optional and casual virtual team activity/game, lunch, or coffee break for social connection.
  • Small teams working on campus: go for an optional team walk/roll outdoors that adheres to physical distancing and other health practices. 


Check out all of the Employee Wellbeing at Cornell resources available to employees