Sustainability Tips for Flexible Work

home office with  plants on desk

Make change happen where you work – wherever you work.  From reducing energy waste to purchasing more sustainable and environmentally friendly products, individual employees can make a difference as we create new spaces to work and have time spent in different locations.  See below for a checklist of suggestions, and check out the new Sustainability Tips provided by the Campus Sustainability Office which provide easy ways to take action in your Cornell workplace that advance our sustainable campus and culture.


Office Furniture & Home Setup

Remote Work:


On Campus:

  • Staff and teams should consider donating goods they will no longer use in on-campus sites to our reuse collection programs.  These are also good places to “shop” for office supply products.
  • Cornell's Used Furniture Inventory
  • Cornell Computer Reuse Association
  • Have to buy new?Look for these certifications and product elements to buy the most sustainable product, and read this guide for more tips.
    • Buy local!When you buy from a local store, you help keep money and jobs in our economy, and often reduce waste and fuel from shipping.
    • Buy durable.A longer lasting product ensures less waste in our landfills.
    • Look for wood products that are FSC: Forest Stewardship Council Certified, or Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certified, ensuring the lumber was harvested from a forest managed in a way to maintain biological diversity.
    • Look for bamboo products.Bamboo grows fast and is a great renewable alternative to wood and plastic.
    • Look for Fair Trade certification, which indicates workers are paid fairly.
    • Additional certifications to look for can be found here.
  • Incorporate plants into your home office to decrease stress, add tranquility, improve indoor air quality, and help with attention restoration.
  • When shopping for new appliances, make sure your choices are ENERGY STAR certified
  • Consider having some products that you take back and forth with you between your remote work and on-campus office locations. A small keyboard and mouse, for instance, reduces duplication of materials and helps reduce risk of sharing germs with others.


Save Energy


Reducing & Diverting Waste


Health & Wellbeing