Employees working a flexible arrangement such as remote work, are expected to meet the same standards of performance as they would be expected to meet if they were not working a flexible arrangement.

Employees are expected to continue complying with all University, as well as department/unit specific, policies and procedures while working remotely and will continue to be subject to all applicable University policies, procedures, and collective bargaining agreements. Remote employees are also responsible for maintaining the security and confidentiality of university files, data and other information in their home work space (see http://www.it.cornell.edu/services/guides/ data_discovery/confidential_data.cfm for more guidance).

Work Hours and Time Off

As when working onsite, non-exempt (hourly) remote employees are expected not to work overtime without prior approval from their supervisor. They are also required to take rest and meal breaks in full compliance with federal, state and local guidelines. If a non-exempt employee is unable to take their rest or meal break, they must notify their manager within one business day.

Employee vacation and health and personal leave will continue to be based on hours paid during the remote work arrangement as per existing procedural language. Requests to take vacation or other time off from work must be pre-approved in writing by a supervisor. Supervisors are strongly encouraged to be flexible and supportive with employees in granting employee time off requests.