Our Talent

We’re not just hiring people, we’re unleashing their potential

Cornell is only as strong as our people. Today, being an agile, innovative organization requires balancing the need to bring in fresh ideas and perspectives, with the continuity and context that comes from within.

How do we do it? A commitment to talent management. 

Attracting and hiring great employees is critical, but only the first step. Our focus continues through developing, engaging, and retaining people in a way that matches their individual career interests with the needs and priorities of the university. 

Employees come onboard excited to join our educational mission and our commitment to excellence. The last thing we want to hear is that talented Cornellians are leaving simply because they couldn’t advance their career.

Taking ownership for our success and the success of others

The role of career management 

An engaged and productive workforce begins with the person. At Cornell, we believe that career management is an 80-10-10 split between the employee, the university and the supervisor. We provide the right environment, tools and resources, and the employee provides the initiative. 

Some organizations only include the employees they have identified as high potential or top talent. At Cornell we do things differently. All staff – no matter their position, band, or years of service – are critical to the success of our workforce, and have the potential to grow and develop into indispensable talent.

The role of succession planning

Succession planning is a deliberate and systematic process to ensure we have the right people, in the right jobs, at the right time. Conversations begin at the leadership level to identify critical roles and key skills within the organization.

Our framework and models

Cornell University has developed three models to help explain our talent management framework in a step-by-step way.  Download a pdf of the three models.

  • Succession Management Model
  • Internal Talent Identification Framework
  • Talent Development Roadmap