Halloween Happenings 2020 Photo Contest

Congratulations to the 2020 Winners!

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2 little dogs in panda costumes


Christine Bellezza


Cutest Pet Runner Up

young woman and beagle dressed as cow

"Anybody Want Farm Fresh Milk?"

Maddie Crooker


pumpkin carved with Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg portrait


Carolyn Chow


Best Carving Runner Up

2 carved pumpkins; one vomiting, the other grimacing in reaction

"After The Party"

Betsy Elswit


little boy in homemade washing machine costume of cardboard box and clothes, grinning with eyes closed next to cornfield

"The Washing Machine"

Medina Lasansky


Most Original Runner Up

pregnant woman with ET painted on belly wrapped in sheet in bike basket she's holding

"E.T. Coming Home"

Sienna Torbitt


french bulldog in UPS costume


Julie Curcio


Funniest Costume Runner Up

woman in 80s workout outfit

"Let's Get Physical 80's Style"

Lynn Dowling


scary clown


Thomas Primerano


Scariest Costume Runner Up

4 photos of 8ft tall green scary vampire

"Salem's Lot Vampire"

Andy Granger




CRC's Halloween Happenings Costume Contest has been a fan favorite for many years, held annually in the Cornell Cinema. While we are unable to hold the event in person this year, we would still love to see you and all of the thoughtful, unique and creative costumes you come up with!

We will have several categories for you to enter including funniest, scariest, and most original. New this year, we have added a carving category for you to showcase your skills on the pumpkin or other fruit/veggie/object (be creative!) of your choice. And, we have also added a pet category for you to show us the creative ways your furry, feathered, scaled, and other friends celebrate Halloween! 

Entries will be open through October 23rd. Photos entered into the contest will be posted on the CRC website for viewing and voting purposes. All staff, faculty & retirees will have the opportunity to vote on their favorite entry in each category and winners will be announced October 30th! Feel free to enter multiple photos!


1. Contest is open to all staff, faculty and retirees
2. Photos must be yours - do not upload photos you have "borrowed" from the internet
3. Be respectful - please no nudity or offensive content, and be considerate of cultural heritage/traditions
4. CRC reserves the right to remove any photo from the contest for any reason
5. Entry into photo contest gives CRC and Cornell permission to post photos online (websites, print & social media, etc.)

Note:We have eliminated the group category this year due to social distancing recommendations. Entries are intended for individuals. If you do choose to submit a photo containing colleagues, friends or family members, please be sure you have the permission of each person featured to do so,  and include a clear description of the photo in your entry.

Make an informed costume choice!  Register for the "What is Culture? Breaking Down Cultural Appropriation vs. Appreciation" lunchtime seminar on October 27, hosted by Cornell's Inclusive Excellence Academy.


1. Photo entries must be received by end of day 10/23
2. Photos will be displayed on the CRC website beginning 10/28
2. Voting will take place 10/28 & 10/29
3. Winners will be announced on 10/30!

Questions, concerns, and accommodation requests should be sent to: recognition@cornell.edu   

We look forward to seeing your photos!