Appreciation Portal Real-time Service Awards

Staff celebrating service milestones will now be recognized through the Cornell Appreciation Portal in real time on the date of their work anniversary.

Details about credited service are available under Non-academic Staff Definitions, within the HR policies section of the website. Inquiries about an employee’s years of credited service should be directed to your  college/unit HR Rep. Questions regarding the Cornell Appreciation Portal or the Service Recognition Program can be emailed to

Automated email samples


Managers will receive an email from the Appreciation Portal 7 days prior to their employee's anniversary date.

Sample email to managers

Sample of reminder email to Managers about Service Awards



Awardees will receive an email notification on their anniversary date with a congratulatory message from the President and information on their service points, if applicable.

Sample email to employees celebrating 5, 10, 15, years of service

Automated email message for 5, 10, 15 awardees

Sample email to employees celebrating 20 or more years of service

Sample email to awardees of 20 or more years of service