Previous Award Winners

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2021 Award Winners


Trustee Award

Hank De Leo, Accessibility Specialist, CIO  - CIT Enterprise Services

Brandon Brylinsky, IT Manager, Web Accessibility Services, CIO - CIT Enterprise Services

Will Schultze, IT Service Management Specialist, CIO - CIT Communications

Alexandre Ribeiro, Custodian, Facilities Management

Katie Stevens, Veterinary Technician, CVM Hospital for Animals - Surgery

Domenick Zerilli, Multimedia Producer, eCRNL - Curriculum Development

Joan Olson, Administrator, CALS - Molecular Biology and Genetics

Cate Thompson, Director of Pre-freshmen Summer Program, VPUE 

Betsy Collins, Department Manager, CAS - Mathematics

Susan Cobb, Library Administrator, LIBR

Kyle Schillace, Assistant Director of Campus Activities, SCL

Statler Hotel

Isolation and Quarantine Team:  

Bridget Flanigan, Dawn Plue, Lillian Yavits, Stephanie Wright, Barbara Tucker, Mark Slattery, Jackie Rumsey, Tingna Min, Sarah Forsyth, Dianna Bennett, Chelsea Perrett, Kimberly Stowell, Cathleen LeClaire, Chelsey Woodin, Alicia Steele, Eric Blumberg, Emilee Frazier, Cheryl Avery, Wendy Dietterich, Caitlin Green, Sarah Lisak, Samantha Luszczek, April Simmons, Jamie Warner, Michele Carpenter, Katie Waters,


Thoughtful Leader Award

Rob Vanderlan, Senior Associate Director, Center for Teaching Innovation

Debra Federation, Director of Cash Management, Office of Treasurer

Jim Gibbs, Director of Facilities, Facilities Management


Culture of Belonging Award

Nishi Dhupa, Associate Vice Provost, International Affairs

Michael Gore, Professor, CALS Plant Breeding and Genetics

Beth Korson, Events Coordinator, Engineering - Civil and Environmental


Mission Possible

Brenda Pepe, Manager of student Success, eCRNL

Robert Sherwood, Research Support Specialist, Research - Biotechnology Center

Kath Fenzel, Associate Director, SCL Athletics


Game Changer

Michelle Artibee, Director of Workforce Wellbeing, HR

Ryan Schmohe, IT Support Associate, Law School

Cynthia Robinson, Administrator, Dean of Faculty


ONE Cornell

CIT Video Engineering and Event Services Team

Andrew Page, M. Walters, Ryan Engels, Jeff MacDonald, Matt Gorney, Matt Gurbarg, Don Buttaccio, Michael d'Estries, Cindy Wagner

CVM CCTL Leadership Team

Lorin Warnick, Diego Diel, Roopa Venugopalan, Melissa Laverack, Daniel Sheehan, Scott Ross, John Beeby, Rahim Rustamov, Francois Elvinger, Rebecca Tallmadge, Kimberly Potter, Jen Powers, Mia Rowe Everts

Office of the Vice Provost for International Affairs

Wendy Wolford, Brandon Lanners, Christian Shaffmaster, Christine Potter,  Donna Wilcynski, Elise Gold, Gustavo Florez Macias, Rachel Beatty, Nishi Dhupa


2019 Award Winners

Trustee Awards

Kim Klein, Gardener, Facilities Management

Bruce Berggren-Thomas, Teaching Support Specialist, CALS, Animal Science

Dustin Cutler, Executive Director, Cornell Dining


Game Changer

Peter DeStefano, Director of Player Personnel, Alumni, Community and Career Programs for Varsity Football, SCLAP

Mark McHugh, Manager, Food Service Suite System, SCLCL

Gary Stewart, Associate Vice President for Community Relations, UCOMM



Carl Cornell, Undergraduate Coordinator, CAS

Aaron Jacobsen, Teaching Supp Spec II, CALS

Karen Prosser, Lead Finance Specialist, EN


Culture of Belonging

Bianca Burns, Graduate Student Services Coordinator, EN

Cheryl McGraw, Events Manager, HR

Christian Miller, ILR Research and Instruction Librarian, LIBR


Thoughtful Leader

Karene Booker, Administrator III, CALS

William Hildreth, CHP Sr. Plant Operator, FCS

Joe Rowe, Director of Administration, EN


ONE Cornell

Campus Life Enterprise Services

Lisa Anderson, Cait Baldwin, Tim Blair, Karen Brown, Dustin Cutler, Sara Khozeimeh, Robert King, Kristen LoParco, Julie Paige, Fred Piccirilli, Barb Romano, Dan Sweeney

Cornell Retail Services

Shannon Austic, Linda Bancroft, Sharon Baum, James Best, Chris Cave, Robert Ervin, Matt Knight, Jody Marnell, Jane McClellan, Fred Piccirilli, Don Sevey, Cathy Steding, Kim Yeoh

Onboarding & Orientation Strategy Team

Sue Brightly, Jennifer Coningsby, Linda Croll-Howell, Shannon David, Tim Fitzpatrick, Rebecca Jean Tucker, Camile Lee, Camaron Mangham, Amy Parmley, Lucy Pola, Theresa Rapacki, Jamie Washburn

2018 Award Winners

Game Changer Awardee:

Brooke Hollis

Associate Director, Sloan Program/Executive Director Healthy Futures

Matthew Johnson

Administrative Manager

Adi Grabiner Keinan

Lecturer and Director

Culture of Belonging:

Brandon Senior

Student Svc Assoc II

Catherine Thrasher-Carroll

Health Educator II

Lauren Morgenstern

Associate Director, Class Prog

Thoughtful Leader:

Kerry Howell

Asst. Dir, CU Wellness Program

Rob Michaels

Associate Director of Network & Systems Services

Suzanne Cohen

Collection Development Coordinator, Catherwood Library

Mission Possible Awardee:

Lauran Jacoby

Sr. Consulant, Staff & Labor Relations

Rachael Lynch

Clinical Administrative Assistant

Ellen Miller

Administrative Assistant IV

ONE Cornell Awardee:

Workday Time Tracking

Amy Beckhorn: Workday Time Tracking Lead

Allan Bishop: AVP for Human Resources

Seth Brahler: Senior Director of HRIS

Dana Burton: Sr. HR Associate

Melanie Ciotoli: Director Human Resources, Student and Campus Life 

Sid Cuff: HRIS Integrations and Data Delivery Lead

Karen Darling: Configuration Consultant

Kelly Donnelly: Accounts Rep IV

Lauren Free: HRIS Project Consultant

Dane Hendrix: Systems Security Consultant

Karen Husick: Workday Payroll Applications Manager

Lauran Jacoby: Sr. Consul., Staff & Labor Relations

Mary Beth Jordan: Director of Human Resources

Brandy Lobdell: Applications Sys Analyst II

Cathy Morris: Project Test Coordinator

Chris O'Brien: Workday Project Manager

Donna-Marie Parker: Human Resources Director for Facilities and Campus Services

Amy Parmley: Assistant Director HRIS, Training/Communication Lead

Michele Reichert: Financial Analytics Specialist

Bill Sibert: University Controller

Leora Snowberger: Manager of Payroll Operations and Labor Distribution

Tom Theimer: Project Manager for OIT/CIT

Phil Turke: Director of Payroll

Bob Wakeman: Labor RElations, EEO, and UI Specialist

Heather Wiese: Payroll Customer Service/Payroll Support

Mindy Ziembiec: SA Testing & Training Coordinator


Soup and Hope Planning Committee

Jennifer Austin: Communications Specialist III

Karen Brigham: Physical Therapist Assistant

Tracey Brant: Teaching Support Spec IV

Kelly Chan: Instructional Tech Asst.

Nancy Doolittle: Pawprint Editor

Linda Falkson: Director, Ombudsman's Office

Janelle Hanson: Admin Assistant for Spirituality & Meaning Making

Daniel McMullin: Director of CURW: Associate Dean of Students, Spirituality and Meaning Making

Linda Mikula: Manager, Event Communications

Janet Shortall: Associate Dean of Students, Interim Director of Care and Crisis Services

Karen Williams: Counselor Therapist II

Victor Younger: Director of Diversity and Inclusion


Cornell Catering and Concessions

Alan Lee Edwards, III: SO04 Cook

Allyson M. Landon: SO06 Cook

Brad Stock: Banquet Manager

Carlos Porras:  Event Coordinator

David Komaromi: SO04 Cook

Deanna Stockton Nolan: Event & Concessions Sales Assistant

Desiree Leann Phillips: Concessions & Suites Supervisor

Dustin Freeley: Sales Manger

Eileen Gibson: Senior Sales Manager

Eric Zimmer: SO06 Material Handler

Evan Fabrizio: Concessions & Suites Manager

Fred Ennis: SO05 Material Handler

Je Souther: Banquet Captain

Jessica N. Higgins: SO04 Cook

Joe Colunio: McCormicks Floor Supervisor

Kiersten Collette Perkins: Sales Assistant

Letty Andrade: Sous Chef-Catering

Margaret Bruns: Restaurant & Catering Manager

Marie Robison: Sales Assistant

Mary Beth Kohena: SO07 Material Handler

Maurice Choo: SO06 Cook

Max Mandeville: Event Coordinator

Paul C. Hornbrook: SO08 Cook

Phurbu Tashi: SO02 Cook

Sally G. Blinn: Assistant Event Lead

Tait R. Alling: SO06 Cook

Taryn Mullinex: Banquet Captain

Thomas Stadnicki: SO05 Material Handler

Timothy Oltz: Catering Chef


2017 Award Winners

“Far Above Cayuga’s Waters” winner:

         Graig Lyon

Assistant Equipment Manager, Schoellkopf Hall

Award for Excellence in Innovation winners:

Janna Dawn

Associate Director of Summer College, School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

Cornell Woodson

Lead for Diversity and Inclusion Programs, Department of Inclusion and Workforce Diversity

Jan Vink

Extension Associate for Policy Analysis and Management, College of Human Ecology

Award for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion winners:

Marta Guzman Cotto

Counselor for the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program, Cornell Health

Vivian Relta

Associate Director, Cornell Interactive Theatre Ensemble

Gary Stewart

Associate Vice President for Community Relations

Individual Excellence Award winners:

Bert Adams-Kucik

Director of Fitness Programs, Physical Education and Recreation Services

Julie Parsons

Events Coordinator, Facilities Management

Sue Brightly

Communications Marketing Specialist, Human Resources

Management Excellence Award winners:

Keeley Boerman

Department Manager for German Studies, College of Arts and Sciences

Eileen Grabosky

Director of Administration, Department of Information Science

Carol Merkur

Director of Business Operations, Department of Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine

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2016 Award Winners

Individual Excellence Award winners:

Dick Clark

Facilities Manager, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

Vince Kotmel

Physics Undergraduate Lab Manager

Management Excellence Award winners:

Holly Potter

On-Campus Recruiting and Corporate Client Services Manager, Johnson Graduate School

Rob Van Brunt

Administrative Manager, Department of Romance Studies

President’s Award for Innovation in Diversity and Inclusion winner:

Marc Magnus-Sharpe

Lindseth Director of Cornell Outdoor Education

President’s Award for Excellence “Far Above Cayuga’s Waters” winner:

Lisa Yager

Executive Staff Assistant, President's Office

2015 Award Winners

Individual Award winners

Jason Allen

Assistant Dean, Fraternities, Sororities & Independent Living, Dean of Students

Michelle Artibee

Program Manager, Work & Family Programs, HRSS

Management Award winners:

Marianne Marsh

Administrative Director, English, College of Arts & Sciences

Nancy Weislogel

Executive Director, Online Learning & Collaborative Programs for the Associate Dean of Academic Programs, School of Hotel Administration

President’s Award for Excellence winner:

Saundra Anderson

Administrative Assistant, Neurobiology & Behavior, College of Arts & Sciences

2014 Award Winners

Individual Award winners

Joseph Ebel

Manager of Technical Services, Animal Health Diagnostic Center

Lindsay Jones Hansen

Residence hall director, Residential Programs

Management Award winners:

William Gilligan

Mathematics department, College of Arts and Sciences

Dorothy Vanderbilt

Philosophy department, College of Arts and Sciences

President’s Award for Excellence winner:

Sarah Miller

Veterinary technician, Cornell University Hospital for Animals

2013 Award Winners

Individual Award winners

Jennifer C. Harris

Human Resource Generalist III, College of Agriculture & Life Science HR, Lab of Ornithology

Jami Joyner

Student Service Associate II, Diversity Programs in Engineering

Management Award winners:

Joseph M. Lalley

Senior Director Facilities, Facilities Operations

Rebecca S. Weger

Director of Prospect Development, Alumni Affairs and Development

President’s Award for Excellence winner:

Tracy L. Holdridge

Administrator III, Plan Pathology & Plant-Microbe Biology