Previous Award Winners

2017 Award Winners

group photo of award winners holding certificates
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President’s Award for Excellence

“Far Above Cayuga’s Waters” winner:

Graig Lyon

Assistant Equipment Manager, Schoellkopf Hall


Award for Excellence in Innovation winners:

Janna Dawn

Associate Director of Summer College, School of Continuing Education and Summer Sessions

Cornell Woodson

Lead for Diversity and Inclusion Programs, Department of Inclusion and Workforce Diversity

Jan Vink

Extension Associate for Policy Analysis and Management, College of Human Ecology


Award for Excellence in Diversity and Inclusion winners:

Marta Guzman Cotto

Counselor for the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program, Cornell Health

Vivian Relta

Associate Director, Cornell Interactive Theatre Ensemble

Gary Stewart

Associate Vice President for Community Relations


Individual Excellence Award winners:

Bert Adams-Kucik

Director of Fitness Programs, Physical Education and Recreation Services

Julie Parsons

Events Coordinator, Facilities Management

Sue Brightly

Communications Marketing Specialist, Human Resources


Management Excellence Award winners:

Keeley Boerman

Department Manager for German Studies, College of Arts and Sciences

Eileen Grabosky

Director of Administration, Department of Information Science

Carol Merkur

Director of Business Operations, Department of Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine


2016 Award Winners

Individual Excellence Award winners:

Dick Clark

Facilities Manager, Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics

Vince Kotmel

Physics Undergraduate Lab Manager

Management Excellence Award winners:

Holly Potter

On-Campus Recruiting and Corporate Client Services Manager, Johnson Graduate School

Rob Van Brunt

Administrative Manager, Department of Romance Studies

President’s Award for Innovation in Diversity and Inclusion winner:

Marc Magnus-Sharpe

Lindseth Director of Cornell Outdoor Education

President’s Award for Excellence “Far Above Cayuga’s Waters” winner:

Lisa Yager

Executive Staff Assistant, President's Office

2015 Award Winners

Individual Award winners

Jason Allen

Assistant Dean, Fraternities, Sororities & Independent Living, Dean of Students

Michelle Artibee

Program Manager, Work & Family Programs, HRSS

Management Award winners:

Marianne Marsh

Administrative Director, English, College of Arts & Sciences

Nancy Weislogel

Executive Director, Online Learning & Collaborative Programs for the Associate Dean of Academic Programs, School of Hotel Administration

President’s Award for Excellence winner:

Saundra Anderson

Administrative Assistant, Neurobiology & Behavior, College of Arts & Sciences

2014 Award Winners

Individual Award winners

Joseph Ebel

Manager of Technical Services, Animal Health Diagnostic Center

Lindsay Jones Hansen

Residence hall director, Residential Programs.

Management Award winners:

William Gilligan

Mathematics department, College of Arts and Sciences.

Dorothy Vanderbilt

Philosophy department, College of Arts and Sciences

President’s Award for Excellence winner:

Sarah Miller

Veterinary technician, Cornell University Hospital for Animals,

2013 Award Winners

Individual Award winners

Jennifer C. Harris

Human Resource Generalist III, College of Agriculture & Life Science HR, Lab of Ornithology

Jami Joyner

Student Service Associate II, Diversity Programs in Engineering

Management Award winners:

Joseph M. Lalley

Senior Director Facilities, Facilities Operations

Rebecca S. Weger

Director of Prospect Development, Alumni Affairs and Development

President’s Award for Excellence winner:

Tracy L. Holdridge

Administrator III, Plan Pathology & Plant-Microbe Biology