Nomination Tips

Tips for a successful nomination

Before submitting, utilize the Submission Checklist to ensure your nomination is the best it can be.

  • Did you consider Skills For Success in your nomination? 
  • Does your nomination address all of the criteria in the category description? You can also check out the review rubric.
  •  Is your nomination within the character limit (3,000 character limitation including spaces and punctuation) and submitted through the system? 
  • Was your nomination thoughtful and persuasive? 
  • Did you consider utilizing Core Values as part of your submission?


Additional Tips to consider:

  •  Get a second opinion – have someone review your nomination before submitting
  •  Trouble getting started? Access our nomination editor to help you organize your thoughts, edit drafts, and proofread final version before submitting
    • Gerald Deis (gtd39)
  •  Remember: the system allows 3,000 characters, not words (including punctuation, spacing etc) which is almost a full page in Word. We recommend writing your nomination in Word then pasting it into the  nomination form.
    • Many prior year awardees had nominations well under the character limit.
  •  Make sure you save a Word document of your final draft before submitting your nomination. This allows you to share it with the nominee if you wish, or use it in a performance dialogue if the nominee is your employee.
  •  Re-nominating? If you would like to re-nominate someone for an award, we highly recommended you go through the submission checklist before submitting.


Are you having trouble submitting the form due to an eligibilty error message?  Here's a tip: 

  • Enter the nominee's netID only (Example: sjm18)
  • Hit enter
  • The nominee's information should auto-populate
  • Still having trouble? Visit our FAQ page to review eligibilty for the program. Still have questions? Contact us at 


Updated: 03/25/2021