Bring a Child to Work Day 2019 Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why can’t I access the online registration?

On line registration will be activated on March 29 at 9am.  We are in the process of confirming activity sessions and finalizing details of the schedule.  The activities list will be on line for you to read in preparation for registration on March 22nd.


2. What is Bring a Child to Work Day?

Bring a Child to Work Day is an opportunity for children, ages 8-16, to visit the Cornell University campus, explore interests and careers through participation in activities, consider and discuss work-life balance issues, and see what parents, relatives and/or friends do in their careers at Cornell. 


3. My child is not eight years old yet. Can they participate?

Given the nature of the day and the age level the programming targets, children under age eight will not benefit from the event.  In addition, the program is growing and we do not want to turn away children in the appropriate age range.  If you wish to bring a child under age eight, it is recommended that you plan to spend time in your office (as your department or unit will allow/approve), visit sites on campus such as the Wilder Brain Exhibit in Uris Hall, Johnson Museum or other points of interest.  Other programming, specifically the activity sessions, are not open to children under eight years old.


4. My child is 17 years old. Can he/she participate?

Most of the activities and programs are geared toward children who are 8-16, but if there is room in the program and you believe your 17-year-old would benefit, he/she may attend.  Please note that activity/career sessions, entertainment, and giveaways are geared toward the 8-16 age range.


5. I will be bringing two children to the event. Do both children have to attend the same programs?

Yes.  An adult must accompany children at all times throughout the program.  This is to ensure safety, as we cannot take responsibility for your child/children during the visit.  If you plan to take more than one child to the event, it is recommended that you plan ahead and arrange for a second adult to accompany one of your children to the event.  On the registration form, there is a portion that refers to the accompanying adult, which must be completed so that we know permission has been granted for an adult other than the child’s parent or legal guardian to accompany the child during the event.


6. I had trouble registering my three children for this event last year. I will be bringing them alone so they have to make it into the same session in order to participate. What is the best way to do this?

The online process has been improved this year. You should have no trouble entering all of your children’s names and then selecting their sessions.


7. I do not have computer access.

Print out the paper registration form for multiple children from the website on when it becomes available on March 22.  Be sure to fill out several choices (1,2,3,4) for each session time and deliver it to 130 Day Hall. We will hold that registration and go online when the site opens to see what we can get for you. There is no guarantee that you will get your first choice but when the online registration opens we have a better chance of getting multiple children in one activity.


8. I am the parent/guardian and will be attending the event, but I have two other people who plan to accompany my other two children (I have three total). How do I fill out the form?

The online form for multiple children has been improved this year. You should have no trouble entering all of your children and then selecting their sessions. Please send the names of additional adult to and those will be updated in your registration.


9. I will be accompanying three children to the event. Do I need to fill out a separate form for each child?

The online form for multiple children has been improved this year. You should have no trouble entering all of your children and then selecting their sessions.


10. I am the accompanying adult, but I am not the parent or legal guardian. Can I register the child?

This depends.  You must receive permission from the parent or legal guardian to register the child for the event.  If you are a Cornell employee and you have received permission from the parent (who is not a Cornell employee) to bring a child (who is not your child or legal responsibility) to the event, you may register the child.  It is recommended that parents who are Cornell employees register their child(ren) for the event even if another individual will be the accompanying adult. You cannot access the online form unless you are a Cornell employee. 


11. Do I need to register online?

If you do not have access to the internet or a computer station, please consider registering from a site on campus, a computer lab, the library, etc.  Some supervisors will allow you to register from their computer if you do not have one in your work location.  Also, you can register from home as long as you have Internet access.  If none of these options is available to you, we will accept a paper registration form and we will enter the data into the system when it opens on line.  To access a paper copy of the registration form, call (607) 255-7565.   In either case, it would be helpful to provide an email address that you check regularly and a phone number (a home number if that is more effective) so that we can inform you of any important information such as changes in the event schedule.


12. What if I register and then decide I cannot attend?

Please let us know of the cancellation as soon as possible as others may be waiting to attend a particular session that is full.  You can call us at (607) 255-7565 and we will remove your registration. 


13. What if I register and then change my mind about the activity session I selected?

We ask that you try your best not to change activity session selections once you have registered.  If you change your mind about attending an activity, keep in mind that a particular activity may not be available.  If you registered online, you can edit your selection by using the edit link at the bottom of the form.  If you registered by paper form, please contact our office at (607) 255-7565 and we will edit your selection.


14. Why should I register early?

It is recommended that you register as early as possible because activity sessions fill quickly - some within minutes of registration opening.


15. When is the deadline to register?

The deadline to register is April 11, 2019.  However, it is recommended that you register when registration opens on March 29 due to the popularity of the program.  Program sessions fill quickly.


16. Will I be able to register after the deadline?

No.  You will need to register by the deadline to ensure a space in the program.  Also, the earlier you register, the more likely you will be able to choose your desired activity sessions.


17. Can I print my registration information?

If you registered online, you will receive a confirmation right away of the registration via email that will list the name and location of the session.  If you need to do a paper form it will take a few days to get those out to you.  If you do not receive that confirmation there has been a problem with your registration.  Please call 255-7565 or email


18. I am trying to map out the day. How can I do this most effectively?

We are trying to provide as much information about transportation as possible on the day of the event, but please know that you may have to walk from one location to another or take a bus.  Campus maps will be provided on the day of the event, and also can be found online at The online registration form and your email confirmation will list the building and room locations for each event. Consider these locations as you map your day.  We recommend that you pace yourself.  You may not be able to see and do everything in one day, so pick and choose programs and activities as they fit your schedule and relate to interests and your child’s age/maturity, etc.


19. Does this event cost anything?

The event is free, and bus transportation is free with Cornell Staff ID.  Others will need to pay $1.50 per ride.  Lunch is on your own at your own expense. 


20. Is food provided during the day?

Cornell Dining is offering a breakfast deal for $4.50 per person at Trillium.  They are also offering a kids eat free with a paying adult at their all you care to eat dining venues.

North Campus – North Star Dining in Appel Commons, Risley Dining, Robert Purcell Marketplace Eatery.

Central Campus – Okenshields in Willard Straight Hall

West Campus – Becker House, Cook House, Jansen’s in Hans Bethe House, Rose House and 104West


21. Do I need to take time off work or declare a vacation or personal day to participate in the event?

This is a Cornell University event and should not require that an employee take vacation or personal time in order to attend.  However, units still need to operate and office coverage needs to be arranged.  Some operations may need to have employees stagger their shifts in order to participate in part of the day.  You should check with your supervisor about the time off policy in your unit.  Supervisors and employees should discuss this issue prior to registering for the event.


22. All of the programs my child is interested in are full. What should I do?

We make a concerted effort to provide a variety of programs, but the growing popularity of this program means that those who register early have the best chance of attending the programs of their choice.  Due to space issues and the nature of certain programs, attendance is determined accordingly.  Some programs can take only a handful of children and some can accommodate up 50 or more participants.  Given this, some programs will fill sooner than others.  In the event of a large number of cancellations for a particular program we will send a broadcast email message


23. Will it cost anything to ride the bus during this event?

Employees and participating children ride for free as long as the accompanying adult has a Cornell Staff ID. Non-Cornell Staff or anyone who cannot show a Cornell Staff ID will be charged $1.50 for each person and for each ride.


24. What if I’m not interested in a particular time frame – what do I do?

Alternative Activities will be listed on the registration website.  For instance, participants could visit the office of the accompanying adult, visit the Johnson Museum, libraries or art galleries on campus. 


25. How do I volunteer to help out during the event?

We can always use volunteers for this event.  If you would like to volunteer you can contact the Office of Human Resources at (607) 255-7565 or send an email to