Report a Bias Incident

What to do:

If you have seen, heard, or experienced bias, you can make a report in the following ways:

Reporting is confidential and open to all

Anyone who directly witnesses or experiences bias activity (or finds evidence of or hears about past bias activity) on the Cornell campus or in an area that impacts the Cornell community should intervene in the moment as appropriate (e.g., contact Campus Police at 911, if a crime is in progress, or interrupt the behavior in as much as the observer feels skilled and safe).A report of the incident should be made as soon as possible.

This confidential report will result in:

  • Appropriate involvement/communication from the Reporting Bias System staff in the Department of Inclusion and Workforce Diversity (DIWD)
  • Intervention with the agent, target, and witness(es) of the bias activity with assistance from the Bias Assessment & Review Team (BART), which includes the Office of the Judicial Administrator, Office of Workforce Policy and Labor Relations, and Cornell University Police
  • Follow up with the reporting person if desired

A person who has made a report and wishes to learn more about what steps have been taken, to the extent they are not confidential, may contact the Department of Inclusion and Workforce Diversity by phone at 255-1426or by visiting 150 Day Hall.