Harassment and Discrimination FAQ

How do I file a formal complaint of discrimination or harassment at Cornell?

  • Regarding Staff, Faculty or Student-Employees: Contact the Office of Workforce Policy and Labor Relations at (607) 254-7232 or equalopportunity@cornell.edufor complaints regarding staff, faculty, or student-employees.
  • Regarding Students: Contact the Judicial Administrator at (607) 255-4680 or judadmin@cornell.edu.
  • RegardingSexual Violence or Assault, contact Cornell University Police at (607) 255-1111 and/or email the Title IX Coordinator atnosexualmisconduct@cornell.edu.

What if I want to talk to someone about an incident, but I’m not sure it’s harassment or discrimination? What should I do?

Find a trusted individual to hear your concerns, such as a Discrimination and Harassment Advisor, theDepartment of Inclusion and Workforce Diversity (255-1426), or Workforce Policy and Labor Relations. For confidential assistance, you may contact the Ombudsman’s office (255-4321). They’ll help you resolve your concern or refer you to the appropriate office.

What if I witness or overhear something that might be harassment or discrimination?

Use the online reporting form, send a note to equalopportunity@cornell.eduor nosexualmisconduct@cornell.edufor advice. If a student is in distress, you may also consult with Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at (607) 255-5155.

What if I don’t want anyone else to know what happened?

In most cases, your concerns will be kept confidential. Only those who need to know will be informed.You will be given options and resources to aid you in resolving the situation. However, if a crime has been committed, or someone is at risk of harm, the university has an obligation to act in order to keep you and others in the Cornell community safe.

How will my concerns be resolved?

Concerns may be resolved through informal interventions, mediation, or as a result of a formal investigation. Formal investigations generally will take place only as a result of your decision to file a formal complaint about what happened to you.

Where can I go for confidential counseling and support?