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What do we mean by belonging?

Belonging can be visualized as both the trees and the forest. It’s where you feel you belong in daily interactions and the simple, meaningful, acts between you and your colleagues. And it’s also how you feel connected to the university-wide values, policies, and priorities that we uphold as an institution.

Unpacking the idea of our “authentic self”

All of us have roles that we play in our lives – mother, father, sister, brother, friend, daughter, son, professional, coach, mentor, caretaker, etc. Often, there is tension between these roles, that forces us to choose at any given moment, “who will I be based on what the environment requires?” Is your authentic self the same your whole life? Or does your sense of self grow and change as your roles evolve? What supports or acts as a barrier to bringing a sense of your authentic self to your work at Cornell?