Unemployment Fraud

A number of our employees have experienced someone else using their personal information to apply for unemployment benefits in New York and other states.

This is usually discovered when the employee receives mail from the New York Department of Labor or the unemployment benefits agency in another state describing their application for benefits and the employee has submitted no such claim.  Unfortunately, this is a nationwide scheme affecting hundreds of thousands of people. 

Cornell’s office of Workforce Policy and Labor Relations (“WPLR”) in the Division of Human Resources has been contacting employees it has learned may be a potential victim.  In addition, WPLR is working with CUPD and the Fraud Unit of the New York State Department of Labor.

Anyone who has not been contacted by WPLR, and believes that they may be a victim of unemployment fraud, should report it to the NYS unemployment insurance fraud website, review their annual credit report and consider enrolling in credit monitoring to protect against future identity theft.

If you have additional questions, please contact Nathan Carlisle, Associate Director of WPLR at nac1@cornell.edu or send an e-mail to  hrpolicy@cornell.edu.