Sustainability Life Recipe: Carpooling

Tompkins County carpools.  Why are over 5,000 people and over 1,500 employees of Cornell in Tompkins County sharing rides to work, school and elsewhere, every day? Well for starters - you can save over $400/year in parking fees, and up to $1,500 in gas! And, reducing single occupancy vehicles is a goal in Cornell's climate action plan

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What practical things can we do in our daily lives to protect our living environment, save money, and contribute to good jobs for people in our community? 
We’ve done the research with our partner 
Get Your GreenBack Tompkins, and these 13 steps in the areas of local food, building energy, waste reduction and transportation are a great place to start. The Sustainability Life Recipes series focuses on ways to save money, go green, and get resources to support your journey. The Sustainability Life Recipes series will focus on ways to save money, go green, and learn about resources to support your journey. Have an idea? Send us a note at