New Improvements to Workday Dashboard Coming September 12

new Workday dashboard example; click PDF for accessible content

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Workday’s homepage and search features are changing with the next Workday update which will be live on Monday, September 12th.  Key benefits of this homepage upgrade include:

  • An updated, more universal navigation experience, that will still feel familiar
  • Employees can choose to prioritize the display of apps (homepage icons) according to their needs
  • ‘Timely Suggestions’ (i.e., unsubmitted time, unapproved time off requests) displayed in front of employees and managers for approvals
  • An improved ability to search for people, reports, or tasks



  • To find the Time, Pay, My Team Management, etc. apps (icon) on the new homepage, click on the upper left corner Menu navigation bar. 
  • Click the Edit button to move the apps you use most frequently to the top of the list.


More info:

For a sneak peek view, please reference the New Workday Homepage quick reference guide or watch this short video.