New Group for Remote Workers

Cornell Employees Working Remotely


laptop with Cornell seal on screen on desk in front of window

With the right conditions and planning, remote work can offer a sense of freedom and help employees work when and where they are at their best.  

The recent and sudden move to remote work for a majority of the workforce due to COVID-19 brings unique challenges for employees, particularly those with family caregiving demands or other personal life circumstances that are impacted by COVID-19. 

This group, Cornell Employees Working Remotely, has been developed by the Division of Human Resources using the Cornell CampusGroups platform. Employees may use it to connect, ask questions, offer tips, and share best practices – all related to remote work. And perhaps even have a bit of fun!  

For more convenient access, you can download the app at the Apple AppStore or Google Play.  Once you have joined, you can modify the notifications settings to your liking.

Join in and help make remote work “work” as a community. 

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