March 29: 2-Step Login Expanding to All of Workday

Beginning at 5 am on March 29, you'll need Cornell's Two-Step Login service to access any part of Workday, including Workday Time Tracking. Previously, only a few features within Workday required Two-Step Login. Cornell is making this change and expanding Two-Step to all of Workday to provide even greater security for you and the university. 

If you haven’t already set up Two-Step Login, please set up your account immediately to ensure there is no disruption in your ability to log in on or after March 29. This is especially important to do as soon as possible if you use Workday to record the hours you've worked, or if you approve timecards for nonexempt or student employees.

ERROR ALERT: If you see an error message when you try to set up your Two-Step Login stating, "Your two-factor account is disabled. Contact an administrator for assistance," it means that your account is locked. You must contact Cornell's IT Service Desk to have this fixed.

What is Two-Step Login?

Two-Step Login is the university's two-factor authentication service. It adds a second step to the login process to better protect you against misuse of your NetID and password. It requires a second verification of identity using some device you have, typically a cell phone. Many employees already use some form of two-factor authentication in settings outside of Cornell, such as online banking, Google apps, Twitter, Amazon, and LinkedIn, to name a few.

What is Workday?

Workday is Cornell's system for employee information, such as time worked, time off, pay slips, benefit elections, and tax information.

Need help? Have questions or concerns? 

Please call, email, or chat online with the Cornell's IT Service Desk or contact the IT support staff in your college or unit.