An End-of-the-Year Message for Cornell staff

Mary G. Opperman, vice president and chief human resources officer, shares the following message with Cornell staff:

Dear staff colleagues,

The end of the year can be a stressful time for many of us. There is added tension in our nation and community this year.  At Cornell, we remain committed to providing opportunities where different views and voices can be freely and respectfully expressed.  As a community, we must continue every effort to foster a safe and inclusive workplace.  I also hope each of you will go to extra lengths to care for yourselves and that we will all invest time in and attention to friends, family and colleagues, including those whose perspectives may be different from our own. 

As our university Caring Community website avows, we take our responsibility seriously to look out for one another. There are a variety of resources on campus that you, or a fellow colleague, may find helpful – a few are listed below. Please take advantage of these support services if you need them, and also share with colleagues who you think may benefit as well.

  • Free and confidential guidance and support is available to all staff through the Faculty and Staff Assistance Program (FSAP). Visit their website for details or call 607-255-2673 (5-COPE) Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
  • Our diverse opinions are what make Cornell a great place to teach, conduct research and work. Many resources and opportunities for exchange are available on campus. You can find a robust list of resources on the Caring Community website. You can learn more about Cornell’s commitment to inclusion and opportunities to advance dialogue and understanding by visiting  
  • Gannett Health Services offers resources and advice for managing stress, including where to go for support, and a listing of weekly events that can help to maintain balance in your life.
  • Cornell is committed to maintaining a climate of civility, decency, and respect. Cornell community members who observe an action that negatively impacts our commitment to diversity and inclusion are encouraged to utilize the Reporting Bias System and the online reporting form located at Reporting, understanding, and preventing unacceptable behaviors such as bias, discrimination, and harassment are essential to maintaining our caring community.

Be kind to yourself and one another.


Mary G. Opperman
Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer