Celebrating the force of Arts & Sciences at annual picnic

Celebrating the force of Arts and Sciences at annual picnic

Posted in Pawprint 06/14/2016

Author: Kathy Hovis


Staff from the College of Arts and Sciences celebrated the end of the academic year with their annual picnic on the Arts Quad Friday, June 3.

Keeping with the Star Wars theme of the event, staff members were challenged to:

  • Test their Star Wars knowledge in a trivia contest, trying to remember who first created C3PO in “The Phantom Menace” or who Han Solo owed money to in “A New Hope,” among other tidbits.
  • Participate in a costume contest, which was won by Dorothy Vanderbilt, department manager for philosophy and comparative literature, whose resemblance to the character of Rey from the newest movie was uncanny
  • Take out cut-out Star Wars villains from Darth Maul to Darth Vader with Nerf guns, then rescue a cute trio of ewoks (a menagerie of teddy bears, bunnies and lions)
  • And participate in other various silly contests, ranging from a tug-of-war to a ball toss.

The picnic planning team included Ellen C. Harris, Chris Capalongo, Andrew Lonsky, Jolene M. Layton, Brenda L. Lind, Michael Duane Williamson, Michelle Lynn Stepanok, Tara S. Wilder, Douglas McLaren, Samara Rose Selden, Eric Michael Giese, Robin Perry, Andrea Stephenson, Rob Van Brunt and Maria E. Montesano. The team outdid itself arranging for door prizes and grand prizes, ranging from overnight stays in local inns to a Dell computer.

Food by Kendra’s Catering featuring “wookies” (cookies) and other themed items.

Kathy Hovis is a writer in the College of Arts and Sciences.


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