Announcing Two Resources to Support Cornell Employees

It can be hard to know where to begin when dealing with crises and challenges related to our health or relationships. These complex issues trigger questions about benefits, support at work and at home, transportation and finances.

The website can be a starting point  to connect employees with resources available at the university and within the community.

Navigating Health Challenges

Have you or someone you know been diagnosed with cancer? Are you managing a different type of health challenge, or dealing with mental health or substance abuse issues? This page assembles healthcare benefits and contacts, provider directories, care and support services, transportation help, and resources for leaves of absence, flexible work arrangements, and financial assistance.

Domestic Violence Resources

Cornell is committed to providing resources to victims of domestic violence, which may include workplace accommodations such as time away from work, a change in contact information, work location, transportation arrangements, and more. There are also links to domestic violence resources and support, as well as an FAQ guide to resources.

Familiarize yourself with these pages, bookmark them, share with a colleague or friend, and help us make these resources as useful as possible. Contact with suggestions for additional resources or comments on current content.