Marc Magnus-Sharpe | Recipient of the 2016 President’s Award for Innovation in Diversity and Inclusion

Magnus-Sharpe, right, with Interim President Hunter R. Rawlings III

Marc Magnus-Sharpe joined Cornell 3 years ago as the Lindseth Director of Cornell Outdoor Education.

Magnus, as he goes by, has made significant advances to our Towards New Destination Initiatives through his recruiting and hiring practices in this short period of time, which has made him the recipient of the 2016 President’s Award for Innovation in Diversity and Inclusion.

He has recruited two individuals in particular that truly embody Cornell's principles and will work to enhance Cornell's commitment to innovation and diversity: Karel Hilversum, who came to Cornell with a diverse background working with youth in Puerto Rico as well as the Boy Scouts, and Marcus Brooks, who has a background working to build leadership and development in African American youth in NYC.

In addition to his recruiting efforts, Magnus has made a huge impact in connecting with students directly. Every summer, Magnus works  with Cornell’s Pre-Summer Program to connect with over 200 incoming students from diverse backgrounds. One colleague highlighted, “Magnus has made a tremendous effort since he arrived at Cornell three years ago to bring more diversity to Cornell, Cornell Outdoor Education, and the offerings within their programs, which is challenging in the outdoor field.”

Recently, Magnus led efforts to raise more than $800,000 toward the renovation and upgrade of the Lindseth Indoor Climbing Wall on campus.

Magnus is dedicated to the core values of Cornell and we are so pleased to have him! Congratulations again, Magnus!