Managers Zoom Channel

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Zoom Chat provides a convenient way to informally connect with Cornell's management community.

Use it as an instant messenger app to reach the entire group or send messages to one or multiple group members. You can create subgroups based on projects, interests, etc.


Here's how to get started:

1. Sign into the Zoom desktop client

screen shot zoom desktop


2. Click "Contacts"    contacts icon


3. Click "Channels"

This shows a list of channels you currently belong to.

screen shot of list of channels


4. Click the "plus icon"     plus icon

Then click "Join a Channel" to view a list of channels you can join.

screen grab "join a channel"


5. Use the Search Bar to find the "Cornell Managers" channel

Then hover over the channel name and click "Join."

Channels you have joined will be indicated by the group icon in your chat list. The chat list will also indicate if the channel is Public or Private.

screen grab showing "public" listing



Also:  How to "Star" a Channel

You can put a star on important channels, placing them under "Starred" in your chat panel, which allows you to quickly view them later on.

1. Sign into the Zoom desktop client

2. Click "Chat"

       zoom chat icon

3. Click the channel you want to star

screen grag of channels listeted

4. Click the "Star" icon:   star icon

screen grab starred messages