Lisa Yager | Recipient of the 2016 President’s Award for Excellence “Far Above Cayuga’s Waters”

Yager, right, with Interim President Hunter R. Rawlings III

Lisa has worked in the President’s Office for the past 6+ years, and currently serves as an Executive Staff Assistant. Her professionalism and ability to handle high pressure and complex tasks with grace has won her the 2016 President’s Award for Excellence “Far Above Cayuga’s Waters”.

Around the office, Lisa is known for her willingness to adjust her personal plans to be available to assist on weekends or evenings; and her ability to handle multiple tasks simultaneously without complaint. One coworker noted, “Lisa handles extraordinarily complex tasks with quiet grace, confidentiality, and the ultimate level of competence”.

Another colleague feels, “Every person who comes in contact with Lisa is positively impacted by her sincere approach to meeting their needs, answering questions, finding the answers to questions, and always doing so in a professional and pleasant manner.”

A long time coworker emphasized, “I have worked with Lisa for nearly 25 years, and she is by far the most conscientious person I have ever had the privilege of knowing.”

To sum up why Lisa deserves this award, a co-worker asserted, “Perhaps one of Lisa's best qualities is her care and attention to others. She is patient and thoughtful with each person on each search committee and each person involved in the search.”

We are Cornell thank you for all you do and appreciate your dedication to quality results! Congratulations Lisa!