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About CITE

CITE has a 17-year history of presenting programs to academic and corporate clients that showcase a contemporary dramatization of themes and relationships in order to foster a dialogue from multiple points of view about some of the challenges of working and living together in a diverse world.


To give voice and make visible,
through theatre and dialogue,
a variety of points of view within the human experience
in order to enable and facilitate a shift in culture
towards greater honesty, trust, respect, and human dignity.


The CITE was formed in January 1992 as a unique resource for employee education and training at all levels. Interactive theatre combines live theatre and audience participation to create a resource for education and training on a wide variety of workplace issues. CITE presentations have been designed and implemented for corporations, professional groups, conferences, government agencies, hospitals and academic institutions. Participants leave CITE presentations with a deeper understanding of the dynamics of problematic situations in the workplace, with a visceral impression of the impact such problems can have on members in a workplace community, and with strategies for managing and preventing such problems. Whether the goal is to heighten awareness, build problem-solving skills, or provide a bridge between theory and application, each CITE presentation is tailored to the identified needs of each participant group.


In April 2001, CITE received Cornell University's prestigious James A. Perkins Prize for Interracial Understanding and Harmony. The prize is awarded to the organization making the most significant contribution to furthering the ideal of community while respecting the values of diversity.