Lean Process Results

Who has participated?

Nearly 600 people, representing 19 colleges/departments, have participated in lean process improvements: mostly at Cornell's Ithaca campus but also in NYC. In spring 2016, a team from the Computing & Information Science and Engineering colleges began reviewing the on-boarding process. This video shows the team in action.

What are teams celebrating?

Lean at Cornell uses the Triple Bottom Line Approach (People, Planet, and Prosperity) to examine teams' impact. Below, we offer a few examples in each impact area.

Accomplishments - People:

Title: Graphic Illustration - Lean Accomplishments: People - Description: WORKLOADImproved workflow: e.g., reduced handoffs and eliminated reduncancies.Reduced stressIncreased value-added workDEVELOPMENTDeveloped people: e.g., cross-trained staff and increased job satisfactionRELATIONSHIPSIncreased Collaboration: individual and cross-division and -collegeImproved communication and customer serviceImproved turn-around time









Accomplishments - Planet










Accomplishments – Prosperity










If you want more details about Lean’s impact, take a look at the spreadsheet for Lean Process Improvements at Cornell University. You might find the spreadsheet useful in several ways:

  1. Get the most-current impact from Lean: you will get a sense for how many teams have used Lean, how they used it, and what the impact was (people, planet, and prosperity).
  2. Learn which specific teams have used Lean: the spreadsheet lists the colleges, departments, and specific units that have used Lean. Our hope is that others’ improvements inspire you to improve your own work or the work of your team(s). If you want to know more about a particular team, please write to org_dev@cornell.edu: a Lean facilitator would be happy to tell you about a team and possibly connect you with that team, if you think their process improvement(s) might benefit your work, too.