Nonacademic Staff HR Policies

This area contains Cornell University's most up-to-date versions of human resource policies for nonacademic, non-bargaining unit staff and supersedes all previous versions.

Additional policies and procedures affecting nonacademic and non-bargaining unit staff can be found in the All Faculty and Staff  section and on the University Policy Office website.

Career Development

Employment Practices

Resolving Staff Concerns

Time Away from Work

Excludes academic and bargaining unit staff.

  • Time Away from Work Policy (Excluding Academic and Bargaining Unit Staff) (includes Vacation, Holiday Time, Health and Personal Leave, Catastrophic Leave Donation, Funeral Leave, Jury Duty/Court Appearance, Voting Time, Military Leaves of Absence and Military Leave Policy Amendments, Volunteer Firefighter, Emergency Medical Technician, Emergency Responder Leave, Family Leaves for Staff, Medical Leaves for Staff, Lactation Time Away From Work, Blood Donation Leave)  Also see: Medical Leaves Benefits for procedures and forms

Wages and Salaries