Family Helpers

Please note: A new service is being made available to eligible Cornellians seeking family, home, and pet care:  free membership access to!  The Cornell Family Helper List is no longer accepting new applications and will be removed from the HR website on Wednesday, August 1st.  Please visit to learn about this exciting new resource!


The Cornell Family Helper List establishes a link, and addresses the need, for Cornell faculty, staff, retirees and students to access various life quality services. The list can be used only by current Cornell faculty, staff, retirees and students.  An active Cornell Net ID and password are necessary in order to access the list. A profile of all potential helpers is available on this site. Profiles include helper's contact information, services offered, previous experience, and availability.

Helpers are responsible for notifying if there are any changes in their profile or status.

The rate of pay is determined between the hiring individual and the family helper, not Cornell University. Rate of pay may differ based on the helper’s age (federal employment laws differ for adults and teenagers) and whether the arrangement is casual/temporary or long-term and a primary source of income for the helper. Reference the guide to finding, hiring, and keeping informal care providers (such as babysitters) for helpful tips and information on determining rate of pay and understanding tax concerns.

Users of the list will contact helpers directly for service.  Helpers may also receive an informational email from the manager of the list describing a service opportunity.  Helpers would then contact the person requesting the service directly.

Helpers are listed for the following services: babysitting, elder companionship, transportation, pet sitting, errands, house sitting, yard care, music lessons, tutoring, cleaning, and sports lessons.

Disclaimer: The Cornell University Family Helper List, (the service) acts only as a clearinghouse for the convenience of helpers and clients. Neither Cornell University nor the Cornell University Family Helper Service screens family helpers. Helpers are employed solely by the clients and are not employees of Cornell University or the Service. Cornell University and the Service make no representations to the client as to the qualifications of the helpers. Cornell University and the Service make no representations to the helpers as to the nature of the clients other than that the clients are current Cornell faculty, staff, retirees or students. In addition, Cornell University and the Service make no representations to helpers or clients concerning the nature of the services provided. The clients and helpers acknowledge that Cornell University is not responsible for, and will be held harmless against, any injury, loss, or other damage arising from or related in any manner to the clients' and helpers' use of the Cornell University Family Helper List.

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