EDOs For Employees

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Grow your career with Cornell's EDO Program!


Watch this video to learn how  a Cornell employee and her supervisor used an EDO to benefit their team:

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How to get started


  1. Talk with your supervisor! Let them know what interests you, and discuss what sort of arrangement would work best for your department.  Use the EDO Agreement form as a discussion guide. 

  2. Apply for an EDO the same way you would apply for a job at Cornell: through Workday!  After logging in,  click on the "Career" icon, and then select "Find Development Opportunity,"  which will take you to a list of available opportunities.  



Expectations for Employees

Expectations for Managers

  • Cornell University's values of collegiality, stewardship, initiative, civility, integrity, and excellence. See "Skills for Success."
  • A desire to develop one's skills and knowledge base.
  • The ability to work well with others.
  • Dependability and a strong work ethic.

If the EDO involves placement with a different manager, your temporary manager will complete the assessment of your objectives in the EDO agreement. 

  • Support staff self-development activities wherever possible, with the understanding that not all requests will be approved depending on staffing and other departmental needs. 
  • Have open and honest discussions with employees regarding where they stand and what needs to be done in order to be considered for an EDO assignment. Such discussions should happen throughout the year, as well as when creating goals for the employee's Individual Development Plan (IDP) during the annual performance management process.

See more information about EDO for supervisors




Assignment duration and frequencies vary depending on departmental needs and availability.

You are encouraged to make your EDO experience a success by completing it as scheduled. If circumstances warrant, either the home or host supervisor or employee may end the EDO prior to the agreed-upon completion date. Extensions should be discussed between you, your manager, and your EDO manager.


Your pay will continue at your existing rate (as opposed to an interim assignment at a higher job level that could require additional compensation). You will continue to be paid by your regular department, unless both departments agree to alternative funding arrangements.

Individuals supported by sponsored funds may be required to seek department/college support if they wish to participate in Experiential Development Opportunities (EDO).  The individual should reach out to their Department Administrator to discuss requirements for maintaining project support.  This may include a requirement to back-fill the position to ensure that the project is not adversely affected and only effort associated with conducting project activities is charged accordingly.


Any completed EDO becomes part of your overall career development at Cornell. Please keep a copy of all completed assignments for your next performance review, and be sure to update your resume.  Also please complete your Workday professional profile and populate your job interests within Workday.


Bargaining Unit Staff

Q: Am I eligible to participate in an EDO if I am in a position covered by a collective bargaining agreement?

A: Yes.  However advanced approval is needed from college/unit HR prior to finalizing any arrangements.  In these cases, supervisors must contact their college/unit HR rep who, in turn, will partner with Workforce Policy and Labor Relations and the appropriate union leadership to finalize the terms of the EDO.




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