2023 Endowed Open Enrollment, November 1 -21, 2022. Easy Sailing. Photo of sailboat on calm water.

Open Enrollment for 2023 opens November 1, 2022.


Endowed benefits-eligible employees will receive an email dated October 26 summarizing important dates and announcements for this year's open enrollment. 

  • Read this year's Open Enrollment summary email carefully for important updates.
  • If you have no changes to make in your coverage, and don't want an FSA (flexible spending account) for 2023 -- you don't need to do anything! Your enrollments will stay the same as last year.
  • If you're enrolling for the first time or want to make changes, consider the questions below before you access Workday to make your elections.  
  • Use the Workday Decision Enrollment Guide worksheets and step-by-step instructions to make enrollment in Workday easy!

Have questions about your benefits? Check out  Benefair, November 9 (in-person) and November 14 & 15 (online), where you can get answers from our providers and Cornell benefits experts.

Download some printable flyers for Open Enrollment, a full webpage poster and a 2-up version perfect for handouts.





1 - Who?

Do you need to change your current coverage related to your spouse, partner, or dependent children?

Graphic: #2 - Health Plan?

Do you want to keep your current medical coverage or are you considering a change?


Graphic: #3 - Dental?

Do you want to keep your current dental coverage or are you considering a change? 


Graphic: #4 - Vision?

Do you want to keep your current vision coverage or are you considering a change?


Graphic: #5 - Spending Account?

Do you want to contribute to a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA) for 2022? You must enroll in FSAs each year during Open Enrollment.


6 - Legal?



Do you want to keep your current legal coverage or do you want to enroll for the first time?




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