Dick Clark | Recipient of the 2016 Individual Excellence Award

Clark, right, with Interim President Hunter R. Rawlings III

Dick is the Facilities Manager for the Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics. He has worked in the department for the past 38 years and his dedication to his work has won him the 2016 Individual Excellence Award.

His colleagues have many praises for him and his work ethic, as one said, “Dick is one of the most conscientious staff members I've known in my 25+ years at Cornell.” Dick's “conscientiousness” is reflected in the fact that he is always looking for new ways to improve the environment in the Biotechnology Building.

Another colleague said, “Dick is universally admired for his can-do attitude, his good nature, and his willingness to personally help with any project. He is a model employee.”

Additionally, he selflessly helped numerous senior faculty members “decommission” their labs. All in all, Dick is an extremely resourceful individual who finds creative solutions to any problem.

We at Cornell are lucky to have you and are thankful for your service! Congratulations, Dick!