Where to get self-tests


Benefits Coverage

Cornell's health plans cover Over the Counter (OTC) testing to detect and/or diagnose COVID-19. Find out more.


Campus Antigen Test Kits

Employees may obtain antigen test kits during operating hours at designated campus locations

With broad availability of antigen tests – which are effective at detecting infection at high viral levels, when people are most infectious – Cornell discontinued supplemental PCR (nasal/saliva) testing sites on Aug. 31, 2022. Antigen test kits are available at a variety of campus locations to all faculty and staff, who are encouraged to test following travel, attendance at large gatherings, illness or potential exposure. 

Presenting Symptoms

Employees experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19 should test immediately with an at-home test. Antigen test kits are available at local retailers and pharmacies as well as a variety of campus locations. If symptomatic and scheduled to work, employees must complete the Daily Check health assessment and will not be required to use their leave accruals (HAP or vacation) until the test results are received.

Complete the Daily Check


Positive Test Result

If an employee has tested positive they should use the “Your Self-Reported Results” on Daily Check to upload positive results. They will be directed to isolate according to CDC guidelines and provided instructions on how to log time away in Workday.

Report Positive Test Results


Negative Test Result

If results are negative, and symptoms are determined to be not COVID-19 related, employees may return to work. If they continue to feel unwell, though not due to COVID-19, they may use accrued time until they are well and able to return to work.