Cornell Children's Tuition Scholarship FAQ

Do I complete an online application for each semester?

An online application is completed once for the entire academic year.  Check off the semesters in which you would like reimbursement during that    academic year.  If there are any changes to the student’s status, please email and the changes will be made on the original application submitted.

How does the outside school get paid by CCTS?

Once you are approved for the benefit, you will receive an approval email from CCTS.  The email consists of an attachment and complete instructions, part of which directs you to keep the email or save the attachment to your desktop as you will need to download, complete the top portion and submit it to the     school for each semester you wish reimbursement.   It also instructs you to only send one form at a time. Do not send Certifications for multiple semesters.

Do we pay the tuition that is due, or will the school waive the 30% until they receive CCTS?

CCTS is a reimbursement plan, not a prepayment.  You should ask the school if they will waive the 30% amount expected from CCTS and allow you to only pay the difference.  Keep in mind that CCTS is not responsible for late fees incurred due to the date the CCTS award is received by the school. 

How soon am I eligible?

Eligibility begins on your four-year, full-time anniversary date. For CCTS purposes, the academic year starts as of July 1 and ends June 30. If you become eligible during an academic semester, your CCTS benefit will begin with the onset of the following semester (i.e. if eligibility occurs after January 1, full eligibility begins as of July 1; if eligibility occurs after July 1, full eligibility begins as of January 1).

Is there an age or marital status limit?

There is no age or marital status limit. However, the benefit may be taxable if your student is no longer a dependent. The maximum benefit is based on your date of hire. Refer to benefit level chart.

I have two (or more) children. Would both be eligible?

Yes, as long as each meet the eligibility requirements of the scholarship.

My spouse/domestic partner and I are both Cornell employees. Does this mean that our child would receive the benefit through both of us?

If both parents are employed by Cornell (as either faculty and/or staff) and are eligible to receive CCTS benefit, a child may receive only one parent’s benefit. However, if their benefits differ based on date of hire eligibility, they may select the higher benefit amount for Cornell.

My parent and I are both eligible for CCTS. What type(s) of assistance can I receive?

As an employee, you are eligible to use Tuition Aid Reimbursement and as the child of an eligible employee, you may be eligible to receive the CCTS benefit if you are enrolled in at least 6 credits during the academic semester. The combination of both benefits cannot exceed the maximum CCTS benefit for the term.

Are benefits available for step-children?

Yes, step-children become eligible on the day of the marriage and the benefit level is dependent on the hire date of the employee.

What happens to eligibility for children upon divorce?

  • Benefits for biological/adopted children of Cornell employee continue.
  • Legal Separation: Benefits continue.
  • Benefits for stepchildren will end at the end of the term in which the divorce is finalized.
  • Domestic Partnership: Benefits will end at the end of the term in which the partnership terminates.

Are courses taken in an Advanced Placement Program at Cornell eligible for CCTS?

Yes, retroactively. Application should be made after the student has been accepted for enrollment in a degree-granting institution. Payments are made retroactively upon receipt of written verification from the institution indicating that the credits will be applied toward the student’s degree. Reimbursement will be obtained through the Office of the Bursar.The Advanced Placement credits received are converted to a percentage of a semester and that percentage will be deducted from the number of semesters of CCTS eligibility.

What if my employment status changes?

If you experience a life change such as a layoff or leave, please contact HR Services & Transitions Center to understand how your eligibility might change.

What is the benefit for Part-Time Study?

A CCTS is pro-rated using twelve (12) credit hours as a minimum full-time load. Students must be enrolled in at least six (6) credit hours during the academic semester to be eligible.

What about summer/winter session courses?

Cornell students may receive benefits for summer/winter courses taken at Cornell. Cornell students may also receive benefits for summer/winter courses taken at another institution. Payments to outside schools are provided at 30 percent of the outside school’s tuition and fees. Summer/winter credits are deducted from undergraduate semesters.

What about study abroad?

Cornell and non-Cornell students may receive benefits for credits in a study abroad program.  Prior approval is not necessary in order to receive CCTS.  Please contact to notify CCTS of the program the student will attend.

Will CCTS be reduced by other scholarships the student receives?

Only those scholarships that specifically state they cover tuition or fees are coordinated with CCTS; meaning that CCTS benefits will be reduced only if the combined payment from CCTS and the other scholarships exceeds the total cost of tuition and required fees.

What is TAP and how does it affect CCTS?

TAP is the Tuition Assistance Program administered by the New York State Higher Education Corporation. CCTS benefits will be coordinated only if the combined payment from TAP and CCTS exceed the total cost of tuition and required fees.