Emergency CARE Fund Testimonials

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  Learn about ways the Emergency CARE Fund has made a difference for Cornell employees during times of crisis.


"A blessing"

“The Emergency CARE Fund was a blessing.  It made a major difference when I was struggling to get by!  I felt guilty about asking for help from strangers, but now I look at the help I received as a blessing.  Now that we are getting back on our feet, I plan on giving to the fund so that someone else can feel what I felt when the help came through when it was needed most.”

room destroyed by fire"Allowed me to focus on treatment and recovery"

"At a time when I was hit with the diagnosis of a cancerous tumor, the help the CARE Fund provided allowed me to focus on treatment and recovery with much less stress.  This is a wonderful program and I want to thank everyone who contributes to this.  I hope you never need it." 

"Really helped reduce the stress"

“The funds I received were essential in helping me after my house fire. I lost a wall and a half and the entire roof on the east side of my home plus had smoke and water damage throughout. With an exterior wall missing in bitter cold February and no heat source, the house was not habitable. This CARE gift really helped reduce the stress I was under during this time.”



The Emergency CARE Fund is available to Cornell employees thanks to the generous donations of faculty, staff, and others.

100% of donations by payroll or check go directly to employees in need.

It's easy to donate a few dollars each paycheck to help colleagues. Please help us to bridge the gaps when crisis strikes.

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