Campus to Campus Bus Support

Campus to campus bus outside

The Campus-to-Campus (C2C) Bus Service operated by Cornell Transportation Services will ease into operations with a reduced-frequency daily service limited to members of the Cornell community. While C2C hopes to offer free transportation assistance to employees for purposes of health care and other emergencies in the future, requests for such tickets are not being accepted at this time.

Cornell University Transportation Services provides round-trip bus tickets on the Campus-to-Campus Bus to current employees (and one caregiver/companion), free of charge, for purposes of health care and other emergencies. To request a ticket, complete a Travel Assistance Form. After completing the form, you will be contacted by a ticket coordinator. 

Contact Information:

For questions regarding your ticket request or assistance with exploring travel options for medical needs, contact Work/Life at

For questions regarding Campus-to-Campus Bus operations, contact Cornell Transportation at or 607-254-8747.



Pick-up and drop-off locations

Ithaca to NYC

There are three locations for pick up in Ithaca and three locations for drop off in New York City. Please look for the Campus-to-Campus sign to confirm that you are waiting at the right location.

  • North Campus: At the bus shelter at the corner of Jessup Road, next to the tennis courts and across from Robert Purcell Community Center. This stop is near a driveway leading to A Lot. 
  • Sage Hall: At the TCAT bus shelter near the intersection of East Avenue and Campus Road, across from Statler Hall.
  • B Lot (Vet College): This stop is located in the B Lot, at the shelter on the south-east side of the parking lot.
  • Please note: Winter overnight parking rules are in effect from December 1 through April 1 from 5:00 p.m. – 7:30 a.m. whenever snow is forecast. If you will be leaving your vehicle during this time, please park in the designated overnight parking areas.
              NYC Arrival
  • Cornell Club (44th and Madison)
  • F Train to Tech Campus (64th and 3rd)
  • Weill Cornell Medical College (69th and York)


NYC to Ithaca

There are three locations for pick up in NYC and three locations for drop off in Ithaca. Please look for the Campus-to-Campus sign to confirm that you are waiting at the right location.

  • Cornell Club: Located at 6 East 44th Street, between Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue. Due to traffic and limited access, there are times that the bus may pick up or drop off passengers a short distance away from the club. We make every effort to notify passengers should the stop location change.
    • Please note: The use of all Cornell Club facilities is reserved exclusively for registered members and invited guests. We greatly appreciate your cooperation. For membership information, visit
  • F Train to Tech Campus: The stop location is 64th Street and 3rd Avenue, in front of Tony’s Di Napoli Restaurant.
  • Weill Cornell Medical College: The bus will both pick up and drop off (headed in the uptown direction) in front of the main entrance to the Medical College at 1300 York Avenue, across from the intersection with 69th Street. The Medical College has offered the use of the lobby of 1300 York Avenue for passengers to wait.
Ithaca Arrivals, in order:
  • Vet College B Lot
  • Statler/Sage second
  • North Campus
  • Best Western hotel on demand only, please inform driver prior to Ithaca arrival.

Ithaca Parking Options

Short-term parking is available for Campus-to-Campus travelers departing from the Ithaca campus. Campus-to-Campus parking areas are not intended for long term vehicle storage. When parking for a Campus-to-Campus trip please be aware of the following options and restrictions:

  • North Campus: All employee parking permits are valid in A Lot. Passengers who do not have a valid permit may purchase temporary parking in the North Campus CC Lot using Parkmobile (visit for up to 7 days at a time. The Parkmobile zone number for CC Lot is 4104.
  • B Lot (Vet College): Employee O, Mid-Tier, and Central-Tier, and student SC and B permits are valid in B Lot. Passengers who do not have a valid permit may purchase temporary parking using Parkmobile (visit for up to 14 days at a time. The Parkmobile zone number for B Lot is 4115.

Pick-up/Drop-off Times

Visit the Campus-to-Campus Bus website for current bus schedule options.

Plan on arriving at your stop at least ten minutes early; this will not only ensure that you don't miss the bus, but will allow the driver time to get your belongings aboard, and will allow you time to get settled.

The drivers are directed, to the best of their ability, to leave their stops on time. They will not leave a stop early, even if no one is expected there.

The traveler is considered a "No-show" if they do not board, and the bus has departed the last stop from NYC or Ithaca without them.

  • The entire amount originally charged is retained by C2C and the trip is forfeited.
  • Missing a departure trip does not automatically cancel the associated return.
  • It is the traveler’s responsibility to make any changes or cancellations


The Campus to Campus buses are lift-equipped, and can accommodate a single wheelchair. Please call
607-254-8747 at least 2 business days in advance to book a wheelchair-accessible reservation.

Reservation Changes

Please review the C2C Terms and Conditions or individual policies for complete information regarding cancellations and reservation changes.

Cancellations and changes can be made using the Campus-to-Campus online reservation system. If you
don’t have access to a computer, our staff or an answering service is available 24 hours a day, seven
days a week at 607-254-TRIP(8747).

Voice mail and email may not be used to make cancellations and changes, and will not help you avoid a
late cancellation fee or a missed bus charge. Cancellations and changes will not be made retroactively.