About the CARE Fund

Cornell Employee Emergency CARE Fund: Employees Helping Employees


How The CARE Fund Works

The Employee Emergency CARE Fund is a program founded by the Cornell Employee Assembly which offers financial assistance to faculty and staff who have experienced a non-recurring sudden or emergency-related financial hardship due to an unforeseen or unavoidable event.

The Employee Emergency CARE Fund is funded by generous donations from faculty and staff. Applicants who are approved for funding may receive between $200 and $2,000 depending on the circumstances.

Without these donations, the Employee Emergency CARE Fund is not able to offer these awards. 100% of donations by payroll or check go directly to employees. Any amount not awarded in a given year will be carried forward to the next fiscal year.


Cornell CARE Fund Presentations


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A presentation on the CARE Fund, its purpose, and its impact is available by request. 

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The Employee Emergency CARE Fund is overseen by Cornell Work/Life in Human Resources. Fund-raising is done by a committee of employee volunteers.

If you are interested in joining the Employee Emergency CARE development fund committee, sign up via our Gig in Workday!

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2021-2022 Employee Emergency CARE Development Fund Committee Members:

Michelle Artibee

Sue Brightly

Marcy Benda

Sahara Byrne

Kristen Ciferri

Christina Cornell

Gerald Deis

Brian Goodell

Tina Henry

Denise Hubbard

Lynette Jordan

Suzanne Aceti Koehl

Kristie Mahoney

Bridget Meeds

Mary Mulvanerton

Melissa Osgood

Jamie Parris

Karen Raponi


History of the CARE Fund

The CARE Fund was founded in 2001,  by the Cornell University Employee Assembly. 

2001 EA Members:
Timothy Anguish, Sharon Bahringer, Francisco Berry, Deb Billups, Dawn Darby, Joseph DeMarco, Thomas Hoebbel, Dawne Martyniak, Cindy Monroe, Marlene Reitz, Brian Goodell, Denise Howland, Cheri Woodward.

On May 16, 2001, the EA had the following on the agenda:

v. Business of the Day

Emergency Grant Fund Recommendations

D. Billups told members she had e-mailed them with the final application procedures for the Employee Assembly Grant Fund. She distributed revised handouts related to this and also provided a flowchart to members. She wanted to publicly thank D. Martyniak, C. Monroe, S. Bahringer, D. Stein, T. Hoebbel, and C. Woodward who have been working so hard on this since January. She also thanked D. Darby, S. Johnson, and M. Esposito as having done work early on the process and she expressed appreciation to them all. She summarized that the committee met last week and made the recommended changes to the documents.

D. Billups made a motion for the EA to accept the EA Emergency Grant Fund and establish a permanent review committee.

T. Hoebbel seconded the motion.

D. Darby asked if there were any objections. No objections were raised. The motion to accept the EA Emergency Grant Fund and establish a permanent review committee was approved by acclamation.

The fund was later called the CARE Fund; Cornellians Aiding & Responding to Emergencies fund.

In 2010, the administration of the Fund was officially transferred from the Employee Assembly to Human Resources.