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A New Approach to Supervisory Training at Cornell



Great supervisors are key to a great workplace

Cornell depends on our supervisors to ensure  the excellence of the work done here, and to create a workplace culture of respect and belonging.

We understand that supervisory roles at Cornell can be demanding. It isn't always easy to find the time to devote to training  or staying up to speed with new programs, technologies, policies, and how best to leverage them within your team. Supervising @Cornell has been created to better empower our supervisors with the ongoing knowledge and resources you need to best support yourself and your staff when it's convenient for you.


How the Supervising @Cornell modules work

►Modules: Supervising @Cornell  training modules are groups of courses focused on a specific topic area. There are 9 core modules: a fundamentals of supervisory skills module, a module dedicated to Cornell-specific content, and seven modules aligned to the Leadership Skills for Success. There is also an additional module option on the history of Cornell. See all the module courses.

►Convenience of CULearn:  Registration and coursework is all conveniently managed in CULearn, Cornell's online hub for non-credit training. 

►On-Demand: This new module-based online program enables supervisors, as well as staff interested in moving into a supervisory role, to access courses on-demand when it works with their schedule. 

►Unlimited Access: once registered, users can relaunch the  course an unlimited number of times.

Any Location:  Online learning enables supervisors across campuses and working remotely to  have access to the same training resources.

Flexibility: Register for just the modules you want. Each module includes custom Cornell-specific courses, important messages from Cornell senior leaders, as well as  select courses from eCornell and Skillsoft.

►No Testing: Supervising @Cornell is a knowledge-building program, not an assessment program.

►Learning Labs: Optional learning labs will be available beginning in April 2019 for groups of 20 or more for deeper topic exploration and knowledge sharing opportunities. 

►Stay Up-To-Date: You'll be notified when content in one of your modules is updated so you can stay up to date with the latest tools and resources!


What will you learn?

►Cornell-specific Resources: including emergency planning, data protection, event management, OSHA regulations,  university structure

►Foundational Supervisory Skills: including recruitment and hiring best practices, running meetings, performance management processes, time away from work

►Leadership Skills: including managing change, coaching, engaging teams, inclusion,  communication, risk taking, process improvement

►Connecting with Cornell's Mission: including Cornell history,  land grant mission, the business of Cornell, academic innovation



The university prioritizes leadership and recognizes the importance of the supervisor-employee relationship in job satisfaction and engagement. Therefore, Supervising@Cornell is offered free of charge to all staff, faculty, academic, and non-academic employees!