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More fun for families!

Check out the Family Activities Around Ithaca page for a listing of places to go, things to do, and other resources for parents.

Upcoming events at the Tompkins County Public LIbrary

Nature Activities from the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation


What kinds of work do people do at Cornell University? Some of the coolest jobs you can imagine happen here!  

Join us for three weeks of exciting virtual programs for K-12 kids as part of the national  "Bring A Child To Work Day" celebrations. Learn to navigate the solar system, program a microcontroller, identify birds, cook up a mini yogurt parfait, tour a Cornell University Police squad car,  practice some new yoga moves, and much more!

Consider reviewing one of these career information booklets (published by the national foundation) with your child as an introduction to discussing careers.

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Activity Center: Check out all the fun at home activities !

Science and Nature for cooped up kids! 

Sponsored by the Lab of O.

Being in nature decreases stress and boosts creativity.  Encourage kids to complete the outside portions of these activities as much as possible, especially with spring approaching! With engaging, self-paced slideshows, these activities can be self-guided for kids in grades 3-8, while K-2 learners will probably need an adult guide.

 Click here to access activities!


Upcoming event: Stories of the People - May 14th

Sponsored by the Lab of O.

Join us at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology as Perry Ground recounts traditional Haudenosaunee (Iroquois) legends that have been told for hundreds of years and showcases the birds, beliefs, customs, and history of the Haudenosaunee people. 

 Click here to learn more. No registration required!


Johnson Museum of Art Coloring Book

Sponsored by Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art

Enjoy coloring beautiful works of art from all over the world!  

Download Coloring Book PDF


Make Your Own Healthy Snacks

Sponsored by Cornell Wellness

Spend a few minutes with Erin from Cornell Wellness learning how to make your very own hummus! For those with a sweet tooth, Erin will also show us how to create a mini yogurt parfait. After you're done creating these tasty meals review the Mix and Match Healthy Snack guide for all your future snack ideas!

Watch "Mix & Match Healthy Snacking Cook Along"

Download Recipes


Stretching With The Family

Sponsored by Cornell Wellness

Join Ruth, Associate Director for Cornell Wellness, as she walks you and your family through a relaxing meditation and stretching exercise.

Watch "Stretching With the Family"


Science Activity Videos

Sponsored by Cornell Center for Materials Research

Did you know you can extract the DNA from a strawberry right in your own home?  Learn about chemistry as you make your own rock candy! Have fun with physics and bubbles! Check out these and other cool science activity videos led by graduate students with the Cornell Center for Materials Research.

Check Out Science Activity Videos


Safety Activity Sheets

Sponsored by Cornell University Police Department

Learn strategies for dealing with bullying behavior, help McGruff solve a crossword puzzle, and learn about how to identify trusted adults and use critical-thinking skills.


It's Nesting Time!

Sponsored by Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Learn how you can be a citizen scientist and properly report bird nesting activity using NestWatch. Make sure to read about how to avoid disturbing birds when monitoring their nests. By following the NestWatch protocol and learning more about identifying nests and eggs, you can safely monitor and minimize this risk to our bird friends. Before starting, please also read the nest monitor’s Code of Conduct.


Shelter in Space Resource Portal

Sponsored by Cornell University Spacecraft Planetary Image Facility


Animal Matching Activity Sheet

Sponsored by the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art

Do you know what animals these artworks represent? Match them up, and then try some of the creative art ideas for fun!

Download Animal Matching Activity Sheet


Surf Safely

Sponsored by Cornell University Police Department

Help Scruff surf the internet safely by leading him through this maze without encountering any dangerous messages.

Download Scruff's Surfing Safely Maze


Workout With Your Kids

Sponsored by Cornell Wellness

Let’s get up and moving! Join Kerri Johnson, Instructor for Cornell Wellness, in a heart-pounding fun workout for the whole family!

Let's Workout!


Yoga With Your Family

Sponsored by Cornell Wellness

Time to breathe, relax, stretch, and focus. Enjoying this invigorating yoga class with Kerri Johnson, Instructor for Cornell Wellness, and her family.

Let's Do Yoga!


Traditions of Quilting

Sponsored by Cornell Library Mann-U-Factory

Learn about the traditions of African-American quilting featuring associate professor and fiber artist Riché Richardson and local fiber artist Heather Stewart and about how to draw out quilt squares to learn traditional patterns by TCPL makerspace librarian Cady Fontana. Co-sponsored with Tompkins County Public Library.

Learn About Quilting


Social Media Test Drive

Sponsored by Cornell Social Media Lab

Learn and practice digital literacy and citizenship skills with Social Media TestDrive! TestDrive is a social media simulation platform that children can safely explore with parents and educators to learn about digital citizenship topics. The platform was developed by the Cornell Social Media Lab in partnership with Common Sense Education.

Take the Social Media Test Drive


CUPD K9 Training Video

Sponsored by Cornell University Police Department

Police dogs and their handlers show off their skills tracking, sniffing out danger, and finding lost things and people.

Watch Some Awesome Dogs!


Math Explorer's Club (Grades 8-12)

Sponsored by the Department of Mathematics

The Math Explorer's Club, led by Cornell graduate students, introduces new mathematical concepts and problem-solving strategies to grades 8-12 students.  Register now for the Probabilistic Games coming up on Saturday, April 24.

Math Explorer's Club


A Home In The Trees: Features of a Good Bird House

Sponsored by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

Let's continue our education about our feathered friends - check out these tips for building a great home for birds.

Features of a Good Bird House Infographic


Exploring Nature Through Sound and Music

Sponsored by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology

The world is always singing, you just have to tune in -- this recorded lecture from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's Bird Academy features a mixmaster host DJ who lays down animal sounds you can dance to! Plus a panel of Cornell researchers who answer questions and discuss their work recording birds and animals all over the world. Check out the rest of the Bird Academy's fascinating programs!

Watch Exploring Nature Through Sound and Music


Make A No-Sew Cornell Sock Bear

Sponsored by the Herbert F. Johnson Museum of Art

You can make your own adorable stuffed bear with these simple supplies - no experience necessary! Two old socks, rubber bands or string, scrap paper or cotton balls, scissors, marker. 

Make A Sock Bear Video


Tour A CUPD Squad Car

Sponsored by the Cornell University Police Department

Office Camilli takes you on a tour of his "office" when he's on patrol on campus.

Watch A CUPD Squad Car Tour


How Well Do You Know Your Bike Safety?

Sponsored by the Cornell University Police Department

Download this quiz sheet and see how much you know about being safe with your bike (hint: answers are at the bottom!)

Take the Bike Safety Quiz


Sign Safety

Sponsored by the Cornell University Police Department

Do you know your traffic signs?  Download this quiz sheet and test your sign skills! 

Take the Sign Safety Quiz


Family Fitness Time

Sponsored by Cornell Wellness

Let's get up and move together as a family! Join our Wellness instructors for another fun-filled workout.

Get Moving!


Build Your Own Pizza

Sponsored by Cornell Dining

Kyle Pluckrose from Cornell Dining takes you on a tour of the kitchen at Appel Commons and shows you how to make your own delicious pizza from scratch!  You can also use a store-bought crust, or a bagel or English muffin, too. Download the recipe below and have your ingredients ready for a tasty treat!

Download Recipe

Watch Build Your Own Pizza Video


Sustainable Landscapes Trail  Virtual Tour

Sponsored by Cornell Botanic Gardens

Take a virtual walk along the Sustainable Landscapes Trail and learn about the many benefits humans gain from the natural environment and from properly-functioning ecosystems.  If you’re near campus, you can enjoy a self-guided tour on your mobile device.

Take a Virtual  Sustainable Landscape Tour


Secret Gardens of Cornell

Sponsored by Cornell Grounds

Join Dan Schied, Director of Cornell Grounds, for a virtual insider's tour of Cornell's beautiful "secret gardens!"

Discover Cornell's Secret Gardens


How Does Lake Source Cooling Work?

Sponsored by Cornell Lake Source Cooling Facility

Join Josh LaPenna, Plant Manager, and learn how Cornell keeps campus buildings cool and energy-efficient by using water from Cayuga Lake, including a behind-the-scenes virtual tour of the plant.

Watch A Really Cool Video!


Virtual Tour of Cornell's Hydroelectric Plant

Did you know Cornell's hydro project was started all the way back in 1898? Learn about the history of hydro at Cornell, and how it continues to power the University.  This presentation is a narrated Powerpoint file (you'll need Powerpoint to view it); click on the speaker icon on the bottom right of each page to hear the narration.

Tour Cornell's Hydro Plant