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Vendor Performance Summaries

SUNY ORP Vendor Performance Summary

The Vendor Performance Summary contains current quarterly performance data on the investment fund options available to SUNY faculty and staff who participate in the SUNY Optional Retirement Plan. Additional investment information and any questions on this data should be directed to the investments vendors.

How to read this Summary

Asset Class

All of the funds offered under the SUNY ORP Plan are listed in this Summary by their asset class. An asset class is a group of investments that share a common investment objective. The investment funds are listed within their asset class by the investment vendor that offers the fund. This method is used so that the reader can easily compare the performance of similar funds.

Total Returns (Net of total expenses)

The performance figures are based on a total return measurement technique. This means that all investment income is assumed to be automatically reinvested during the measurement period. Columns that list performance data for twelve months or less are actual returns. Five and ten-year returns, along with life-of-fund returns, are annual average rates over the periods, not cumulative returns. Total returns have already been adjusted for total expenses.

Fund Inception Date

This is the date that the investment fund began.

Total Contract Charges

Includes the fund expense ratio as well as mortality and administrative expenses (if applicable). The expense ratio is the percent of the fund's total net assets that are spent for the operation and management of the fund. Mortality and administrative charges may apply for the investment vendors that offer a minimum guaranteed death benefit, please check with the individual investment vendor for further information.

Market Performance Indicators

The market performance indicators are benchmarks for fund managers to meet or exceed. Each asset class contains market performance indicators that are best used to compare the performance of the investment funds in that asset class. The market performance indicators used in this report are generally recognized and considered the most appropriate indicators used among long-term investors.

This data reflects past performance and is not in any way a guaranteed indicator of future results. Participants should read a fund's prospectus, study investment advisory services available at most public libraries, and consult a financial advisor before making an investment decision. The investment vendors provide the data for this summary. A cell is left blank when the vendor did not provide the requested data.