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Long Term Care Insurance

Welcome! Our goal is to provide you with a "best in class" learning experience. We want to assist you in making informed decisions about protecting your financial future. Should you decide that long-term care insurance is an important component of your financial plan, we want to provide you with insurance company choice. No single insurance company can be "best" for everyone.

Evaluating your options can be confusing. For more information, please visit our website: or call us at (888) 793-6111. Normally, in less than 10 minutes, we can answer your questions and provide valuable insightsówithout obligation. Should you decide to obtain insurance, know we are paid by the insurance company.

RetirementGuard works with many prestigious colleges, universities, and teaching hospitals in the North East.

Beginning February 2, 2016, CNA will no longer be offering new enrollments into its Group Long-Term Care plans. Current policy holders will continue to maintain coverage through payroll deduction or direct billing. If you need to contact the company, please use the following:

By Phone: Policyholder Services
(866) 234-9031
(866) 308-0278
By Mail: Correspondence
  Non-Premium Payments:
CNA Group Long Term Care
P.O. Box 13327
Pensacola, FL 32591
Premium Payments:
CNA Group Long Term Care
P.O. Box 644098
Cincinnati, OH 45264-4098
By Fax: Policyholder Services
(877) 914-2358
(866) 357-8479