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Auto, Home, and Pet Insurance

Auto and Home Insurance

You may purchase group auto, home, and personal property liability insurance through Mercer Voluntary Benefits. You have the option of receiving a free quote from MetLife Auto & Home or Travelers Insurance. Your payments will be spread over the policy term and will be automatically deducted from your paycheck.

Should you leave the employment of the university, you may continue this coverage through direct billing from Marsh U.S. Consumer.


Pet Insurance

Mercer Voluntary Benefits also offers pet insurance through Nationwide.

This insurance covers dogs, cats, birds and exotic pets and works through the reimbursement of expenses. There is no network and you can take your pet to the veterinarian of your choice. You pay your vet's bill in full and have your vet provide you with a diagnosis, treatment date(s) and itemized invoice(s) for processing. You send these to Nationwide insurance for your reimbursement.

Legal Plan Insurance

Finding an affordably priced attorney to represent you when you are buying or selling your home, preparing your will, or having trouble with creditors, can be a challenge. With Legal Plan Insurance, you have help in protecting yourself and your family; plus, there can be piece of mind when you have an attorney on your side. This plan offers employees online resources, telephone advice and an education center as part of their services. Attorney services include: reviewing and preparing documents, making follow-up calls and writing letters, offering legal advice and consultation, and providing representation in court.

Ultimate Advisor, a comprehensive group legal plan, is offered by Mercer through ARAG. This is an employee benefit specifically designed to cover legal situations associated with high-cost attorney fees. Click here to view video testimonials.

For more information or to enroll, visit Mercer Voluntary Benefits on the web.

**Deductions for your legal coverage will begin in the first available payroll deduction in January, 2014, following enrollment. Note:  Any deductions that may be missed in the first payroll deduction will be spread over the remaining pay periods in the 2014 calendar year resulting in a slightly higher deduction.**