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Health Savings Account with High Deductible PPO Health Plan: Cornell Ithaca and Cornell NYC Tech

There’s a way to invest in your healthcare that focuses on managing your long-term costs. It’s called a Health Savings Account or HSA. Even though this plan has only been around since 2003, more than 11 million Americans enrolled in a HSA last year. That’s because it gives you a distinct tax advantage while taking care of your comprehensive health plan needs.

You put money into an account that earns tax-free interest. You can use the account to pay your health care costs. Or pay those costs out of your own pocket and let your account grow over your career.

The HSA is similar to a flexible spending account. But unlike the FSAs, the money in your HSA account rolls over from year to year and collects tax-free interest. That’s why the IRS does not allow you to enroll in both a flexible spending account and a HSA.

Cornell’s healthcare savings account by law must be coupled with a high deductible insurance plan (a deductible is the money you pay upfront before your insurance kicks in). This high deductible plan administered by Aetna  provides the same level of care and broad network as the Aetna PPO plan.

New to the HSA Plan?

This plan guide will help you make the most of this health care plan.


2015/2016 In-Network Deductible Out-of-Network Deductible
Individual $1,500 $3,000
Family $3,000 $6,000

Annual Contribution*

2015 Your
Employee + Employer
Maximum Contribution
Individual Up to $2,350 $1,000 $3,350
Family Up to $5,650 $1,000 $6,650
2016 Your
Employee + Employer
Maximum Contribution
Individual Up to $2,350 $1,000 $3,350
Family Up to $5,750 $1,000 $6,750

*Please note: For enrollments outside of the November annual open enrollment period, Cornell's $1,000 contribution is pro-rated based on the enrollment effective date.

Catch Up Provision for Employees Over 55

Employees age 55 or older may make a catch-up contribution set for $1,000 in 2015. Contribution amounts are set by the IRS each year.

To learn more about the catch up provision, see the Frequently Asked Questions document.

HSAs are used by many organizations across the United States and considered the healthcare of the future; however, the HSA is not a plan for everyone. You should consider talking with a representative in Benefit Services before enrolling.

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